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Your best friends know you the littlest

Your best friends know you the littlest

How does it happen people, who spend much time with us, don’t know who we are? What we like. What is important for us.

People see differently.

Recently, I had my birthday party. I’ve got plenty of gifts which were totally different than I would wish to receive. I asked myself: do people see me differently than I see myself? Do they think I like different things than I like in real? Or maybe they share what they like. Or what seems nice for them. Or what they would like to receive.

We give what we want to receive.

Then I realized: if I’m able to get myself all I need on my own why am I not happy with what I receive? Why am I not happy with someone’s intention to make me happy? With the fact, someone tried to make me smile. With the fact, someone did it for me while he could pretend having forgotten.

Isn’t the same with all other people who do something for us? We expect from them something different than they give.

Our biggest mistake is to believe other people think the way we do.

They don’t.

They see us through their own perspective. They give what they believe will make us happy. They share what matters for them.

I learned that it doesn’t matter what they give. It matters they want to give something. Even if, it’s the smallest thing in the world.

Do you care about gifts you receive?

Do you say thank you even if you don’t like the gift?

Do you appreciate everything which is done for you?

6 thoughts on “Your best friends know you the littlest”

  • When it comes to gifts, I learned early on to be thankful. Mainly because I’m not good at picking gifts for others. It’s not easy.
    But you are spot on about seeing the world differently. I often forget about it. I often get upset/ angry about it. It’s freeing when you realize that people are not doing something out of spite. They just do things THEY see correct. And we can’t always change it. We shouldn’t always try.

    • Hi! Thank you for this comment! How about our daily life? What if we don’t see any value in what someone does while this person truly believes doing right for us?

      • It definitely is a delicate matter. Hell is paved with good intentions, but on the other hand, telling them what they are doing is wrong can hurt their feelings, and even make them lose motivation to try anything altogether. A fine balance…

        • So ideally it would to tell them what they’re doing good and what could they do better I guess? 🙂

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