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Why did I stop to give people money for free?

Why did I stop to give people money for free?

I remember my first job and my first salary. I felt like I could save the world. I felt like I could save all people in need. And I didn’t understand why other people were not the same way.

Obviously as it usually happens I decided first to buy myself some stuff I couldn’t afford to buy it before. I thought I deserved it after all these hard times and hard work.

Then, I was looking for an opportunity to help the world. I was convinced I could support people in need with a part of my salary even if this one was quite miserable.

Everything seemed so easy and possible. I wanted to make all people as happy as I was.

I didn’t know at that time I can’t make people happy if they don’t want to. I can’t solve their problems if they don’t want to. And money will definitely not do it.

After some time I got a new job with a higher salary. But don’t get wrong. It didn’t mean I started to spend more on helping other people. Along with the salary my expenses increased as my needs became more demanding.

Sometimes the more we earn the more we spend.

It’s just at that time when I started to wonder if my money make any difference. If they really help to solve human problems. I was not sure as I didn’t see the situation improved. People I have been helping had same problems over and over.

Money never solve real problems. They just make life easier for a while.

Then, I got again a new job with even bigger salary. It wasn’t any better to share more with other people as my needs were constantly raising.

It’s just at that time when I realized giving people money for free make them not willing to get it on their own. Make them used to ask for more. Make them fussy.

I realized what helps more is a word of comfort, a smile, a friendly hand, a hug, being together in silence.

What helps the best is to give people opportunities to earn them.

Only this brings them a value of what they get. Only this make them feel capable. Only this really helps to solve most of their problems.

But don’t get me wrong.

6 thoughts on “Why did I stop to give people money for free?”

  • Great post.
    There never seems to be enough money, because there is always something we need to spend it on.
    And such wise remarks regarding helping others.

    • The more we earn the more we spend 🙂 I wonder how to refrain from spending too much and saving a bit more 🙂 When it comes to helping others people need someone believes in them rather than giving money for free. I’ve never seen free money made any difference. I’ve never seen free many motivated someone to change his life. It’s just encouraging to ask for more.

      • I agree.
        As to spending – I have become much more reasonable than I have been in the past. First of all, I ask myself if I really need it. If yes, then I buy it. If no, I ask myself why I really want it. Sometimes I realize that the answer is: “it will make me happy”, but then, I realize that I have stuff at home that can already do that. Of course, I treat myself here and there, but most of the time, I am pragmatic about spending.

        • This is what I started to do with my clothes. Before I buy new stuff I ask myself: do I really like it? Does it really fit to my other outfits? How many times will I really wear it. Then, the temptation goes away. I need to become more pragmatic about spending money on food and drinks for take away 🙂

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