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What do I do when my motivation goes down?

What do I do when my motivation goes down?

How does it feel when my motivation goes down? I feel like all I do doesn’t have sense anymore. I feel like all I do is useless. I feel totally lost on my way.

Motivation is something temporary.

It’s not something we can build our life upon. Something motivates us today and goes away tomorrow. If the pursuit of our goals is based on the motivation, we’ll not get far.

What do I do when my motivation gets down?

I take a break.

I take a breath.

I take a moment alone.

I leave myself space to do something different. I focus my attention on something different. I make my mind busy to think about something different.

Trying to get back the motivation, by all means, doesn’t bring expected results. It’s like trying to stick flower’s petals after they fall down. It’s better to wait until a new flower rises up.

It’s healthy to change the perspective. To forget about what went wrong. To avoid overthinking about failures.

It helps to rise up new ideas. A new point of view. New approach.

I’m awaiting a new episode of my life.

4 thoughts on “What do I do when my motivation goes down?”

  • Same.
    I actually lost my motivation yesterday, and didn’t even feel like wanting it back. But then I got home from work and just laid down straight away. It allowed me to “catch a break and catch a breath”. I was good as knew after 20 minutes.

    • Hi! I’m really happy to hear from you! It all happens to me frequently when I get excited by a new challenge and I don’t get expected results. I know the feeling I don’t want back the motivation buy after some time the tension releases and I miss it. Do you have any suggestions for mantaining the motivation which is still in place?

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