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Life Lessons: What have my biggest failures taught me

Life Lessons: What have my biggest failures taught me

Have you ever thought that this painful experience you’re handling now might be one of the most precious breakthroughs which ever happened to you?

Me not.

I was always deeply shattered by every single failure going on my way. How could I consider it as a blessing when my life was falling apart? I would have to be crazy to tell you it was all right for me.

It wasn’t.

I was fed up seeing people always succeeding and seeing myself always failing. I was fed up seeing myself always making millimeter steps into many different directions and seeing other people always running straight to the stars.

The more difficult, the better lesson.

With the course of the time, it became obvious that my failures don’t happen without a purpose. It was either me who didn’t change and stuck to a vicious circle or life who wanted to push me toward a new path. It became obvious that the more difficult it gets, the more life wants to teach me at the final stage.

The question was what did life want to teach me?


Failure 1. Never assume it will go easy.

Expect the best, but be prepared for the worse. Whether there’s a small chance something will go wrong, I prepare myself for all possible scenarios. I already know that getting the hit straight into my face might be devastating if it lacks of proper training. 

I was not prepared for any negative surprises in my life. Afterward, it took years to recover from them. Just because I was foolish to believe I can be untouchable.

How can you prepare yourself for the worst scenario?

  • Keep reassuring yourself that whatever happens, you will deal with it
  • If you don’t fail at least once, you don’t succeed
  • There’re people who have already gone through the same. Learn by example how to overcome obstacles
  • Pray. You’re not alone.
  • Fail better and better
  • Get a plan B


Failure 2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

In a countless number of times, I was sure it was over. I didn’t believe I could get out of that shit. I felt ashamed, I felt hopeless, I felt helpless. I knew I screwed up my chance. I knew I could not turn back time.

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

I’ve never considered myself being strong. Until my failures showed me a completely different person than I thought I was. I discovered a great capacity not only to survive but also to start over my efforts. To try differently. To believe in myself one more time.

Failure 3. It must take time to heal.

I cannot say my failures didn’t hurt me and that I was able to take them in the cold light of the day. They hurt me to the core. And they made me analyze, relive and overthink what happened a billion times. At that point, I would never believe time can do anything with it. At that time I would rather believe that my regret aggravates every next day of my life. While it was the opposite. Every next day of my life proved that time heals and it must take time to heal. It requires regular self-forgiveness for not being perfect, for not knowing everything, for not making good decisions.

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