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Thanks God life ain’t perfect.

Thanks God life ain’t perfect.

We all don’t like when things don’t go our way. We don’t like when something happens we’re not prepared for. We don’t like when life sends us a negative feedback.

I remember every single situation when I felt rejected. I was asking myself: why me? What did I do wrong? Did I say something wrong? Did I like someone too much? Did I ask for too much?

One day I realized that sometimes the more you ask the less you get. Sometimes the more you ask the less you get. Sometimes the more you insists the less you are listened.

I remember every single situation when I felt the worst. When I wanted to do something good, but eventually people were blaming me for doing something really bad.

I thought: it’s pointless to save the world when the world doesn’t want to be saved.

I remember every single situation when I felt at the bottom. When I expected something different than life gave me. When I wanted run away.

Until I understood all this is only to make me stronger.

In my life there was plenty of situations when I wanted to give up. I had two options. I could really give up or I could take the negative feedback life was sending me and do something better in my life. I knew the first option will lead me nowhere. And eventually will make me a grumpy cat. I chose the second one.

You know what was the best in all critical experiences when I was pushed to my limits?

I had to take life in my hands and to do things differently. All these bad events which occurred in my life made me stronger even if I’ve been not seeing it at that time.

I see it now.

And I’m thankful my life ain’t perfect. Because today I’m the person who I am.

And obviously I ask myself from time to time why can’t I have such a nice, easy and pleasant life as others do. But I realize after a while: no, they don’t. We all have got own problems, issues and challenges we are supposed to deal with. The only difference between us is the way of dealing with them.

We can give up.

We can ignore.

We can face.

We can fight.

We can accept.

We can ask for help.

We can try once again.

We can start over.

We can challenge.

We can learn.

We can change.

We can do something differently.

Let’s start over to make a difference in our life.

Have a great day full of motivation to make the difference!


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