Life Motivation: 7 days for peaceful mind

Life Motivation: 7 days for peaceful mind

I’ve finally managed to take a week off. @Goldie, I made it! The idea was to get seven days doing absolutely nothing. I knew straight away it would never happen, but at least I could grab a few days to think over my life. Or at least a few hours a day to give myself a room for making up my mind.

Recently, I was feeling overloaded. All projects at work I wanted to give my best for, all urgent matters which had to be solved immediately, all complaints which had to be answered shortly, all people who needed my entire attention made me a human wreck.

This is a state of mind when you give too much. When you try to please everyone. When you avoid conflict by all means. When you want to prove you deserve the reward.

I was sick of it.

I needed to find a balance. To slow down my race and to start seeing things clearly. To feel I’m alive and not only existing. It’s hard to catch life’s beauty when I try to be faster than the wind. When I see only the shadows behind me When every day looks exactly the same and it seems I’m running like a hamster in a circle not knowing how to stop.

My first day off felt like a hangover. It was such a strange feeling to wake up on a Monday morning not having to go to work. I drove my baby to a nursery, I went to a beauty salon to make my nails, I made a small shopping in a grocery and when I finally reached my place, I just jumped into my bed and grabbed a book. It was so nice not being in a rush. Not having to follow a long must-do list. Taking my time as long as I wished to do so.

My second day felt like a detox. I was urged to open my laptop to quickly check work emails, but I hardly resisted. I went to a marketplace where I bought plenty of fruits and vegetables. When I came back home, I made oatmeal with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and nuts. I was shocked I’ve eaten a healthy breakfast for the first time for months. I was reading again, exploring the topic of emotional intelligence, writing a little bit and practicing yoga.

The third day is coming.

The best part of my week off is that coffee ceased being my engine. I don’t have to drink coffee in the morning, because I can sleep as long as I want. I don’t have to drink coffee in the afternoon, because I can take a nap whenever I feel tired. It is great to act naturally without artificial enhancers. I drink more water than before. I drink herbal tea. It feels so good.

I believe seven days for peaceful mind will help me to heal these parts of my inner being which suffered the most throughout last events. What would be your recommendations on how to spend a week off?

PS. I’m so happy to be back here 🙂

Thank you for reading this post! It means a lot to me. If you like it please share it. If not, please let me know how could I make it better.

Thank you for being here with me,


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14 thoughts on “Life Motivation: 7 days for peaceful mind”

  • I’m so proud of you. Well done for taking charge.

    I took last Friday off and… it was weird. I was torn between trying to take care of things I otherwise couldn’t and resting. I felt guilty the moment I sat down to do nothing and exhausted the moment I stood up to do something. I did a bit of all, but it didn’t feel like I made the best of the day. So kudos to you that you were able to do so well your first day. Saturday (2nd day off) felt better. And on Sunday (3rd day off), I finally realized how much that Friday really helped (even if I didn’t maximize it).

    What I would recommend is resetting your brain. It depends if it’s your body or spirit that needs recharging. For me, it’s mostly the mental overload, which is why I need to restart my brain every now and again. That means – not doing too much thinking. Binge a show. Read a book. Go for a walk. Or a bike ride. The weather is still nice, so use that to your advantage.

    • Hi Goldi! Thank you so much for your kind words. At first, I was also torn between a willingness to do nothing and an urge to do something constructive. But I realized I won’t be able to be effective at what I’m doing if I don’t take a proper rest. This is the only way to recharge sufficiently my batteries. I’m sure you deserve it and you need it as much as I do. It should never be perceived as a waste of time. On the contrary, it’s an investment into our daily efficiency. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to maximize our rest. All you do for you brings a new energy. Today, it’s my fourth day off and I’m still experiencing side effects of all bad energy I’ve cumulated for last months. I have to regenerate my body and spirit at the same time because both are impacted to the same degree. Despite nice weather, I really enjoy staying home these days and not getting into interactions with outside world. This kind of disconnection sometimes can be really beneficial. Any good book you’ve read recently and you could recommend? 🙂

      • Sounds like bliss.
        I’m taking another day off, soon, trying to make my weekends longer. And I’m looking forward to Christmas time. I don’t think I will be going out of town (which I usually do), which should help me recharge, too.

      • Great idea! I’ve got so many leave days left that I decided to take a week off each month. Sounds like madness but it might be real bliss for me. Do you plan any longer days off before Christmas?

      • Wow. You really have a lot of days gathered. Perfect. I’m thinking about taking a day every month. Having something like that on a regular basis would definitely give me something to look forward to.

        Apparently, I’ve hit my limit on days gathered, so I have to start using them up. There’s no way I’m just gonna lose them. I like having 2 weeks off for Christmas, but I think a week would be somethng I’d be happy with.

      • I went out of town for the Memorial Day 3-day weekend. It was awesome. Other than that, no. For several years now my “holidays” are spent helping the elders in my family. Even though I go out of town, it’s not really MY time. My new idea is to go on a REAL (at least a week long) holiday every 2 years. I’m not due this year.

        Writing this makes me realize how sad my life might seem to other people. I know of people who travel for pleasure a couple of times a year at least… Well, you make due with what you can…

        How about you?

      • I tend to go on holidays abroad at least once a year for one week. It’s lesser than in the past, but having a baby and other responsibilities don’t facilitate it. It sounds like an excuse as it’s always up to our decision what should be prioritized, but at the same time sometimes we adapt to other people or present circumstances.

        On the other hand, weren’t you the one who told me that we should not compare our life with other people’s lives? If your life doesn’t seem sad to you, why you should care how it looks like in comparison with other’s ones? If you feel good about the way you spend your holidays, that’s perfectly fine! Unless, you dream about discovering new places and meeting new people. Then, one day I’m sure you’ll make it!

        PS. Ha! Saying me who was yesterday comparing my life with celebrities’ ones 😉

      • Thank you for holding me accountable.
        It’s not really that I compare. I just… realize the difference. And then move on. We all have different life circumstances.

        That’s awesome to hear that you travel somewhat regularly. Have you done any this year yet? Do you go to one place, or to different places every time?

      • If you could remove all life circumstances which prevent from traveling abroad, would you start going around the world or it is something you’re not keen on?

        As far as I’m concerned, I’m going this year to Europe to visit a friend of mine. I’m used to going to different places every time to taste a new culture and to meet people. However, it happened that I went to the same place a couple of times just because I’ve particularly enjoyed staying there 😊

      • For sure! I always wanted to do a trip around the world. It almost happened last year. I think the “visit every continent at least once” is my main focus, though.

      • Wow, it’s a brilliant idea! I would love to leave everything and go for such a wonderful trip! What prevented you from going there last year?

      • That’s true, the price of tickets around the world is crazy, but maybe it’s good to start with something simple: one country and a promotional price 😉

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