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Prison is not a place. It’s a state of mind.

Prison is not a place. It’s a state of mind.

Can we be free in a prison? Yes, we can. Prison doesn’t have to be the jail. Prison might be the place we live in. The people we live with. Things we can do nothing about.

Today, I felt I can be free regardless of my past. I can be free regardless of my mistakes. I can be free regardless of people who don’t accept me the way I am.

I understood what does it mean to overcome the physical limitations. I understood how it is possible that people who are jailed, who are handicapped, who are devastated by life, can smile. Can dream. Can do wonderful things. I understood where do they take their power from.

It’s all up to our choice.

We choose if we let life lock us up in a prison of our limitations. We choose if we let other people lock us up in a prison of their expectations. We choose if we let ourselves to lock us up in a prison of our weaknesses.

What I know today is that I want to be free despite all circumstances. I want to be myself despite all judgmental voices. I want to make my own decisions despite few choices available.

Today, I felt like everything around me is getting tight, but my mind is getting bright. Aware. Calm. I felt like I reached this incredible state of mind where you’re out of external anxieties. Where meaningless things don’t have importance. Where your inner consciousness fulfills your being.

How to achieve a state of inner freedom?

Think that a great majority of the things don’t really matter. There are few things that matter. Make a list of 2-3 important things in your life. The rest is not your problem. The rest is a problem of other people who like to have a problem.

I learned across different events in my life that we can decide what touches us deeply and what we let go. We can become resistant to all harmful influences. We can become careless about negative people around us.

We make choice every day if we wanna to be free.

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