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Night dreams that can destroy our life.

Night dreams that can destroy our life.

Do we know the meaning of our night dreams? We forget about them as soon as we get up from the bed. But they remain in us. They come from our subconsciousness. They come from our thoughts. Our emotions. Our feelings. From what we try to hide. From what we try to pretend. From what we try to keep for ourselves.

Night dreams are the mirror of our soul.

I’ve been always wondering how it is possible I dream so much. How do I get all these strange night dreams? These weird dream stories. How is it possible I dream about something I never thought about? Does it mean it’s somewhere deep in me? My night dreams, are they the result of what I don’t want to face on a daily basis and what I push away? Are they the result of my fears?

Repetitive dreams.

My night dreams happen to be repetitive in some periods of time. I dream about getting late for a flight or a train. I dream about getting into a place and not being able to get there. I dream about facing people I don’t want to face.

My prof of cinematography told me to write down all my night dreams. This is how the greatest scenarios are born. I was trying to do so, but I’m not consistent. Sometimes, I don’t want to remember my night dreams. I don’t want to keep some memories.

Dreams that can be controlled.

There are people who know how to control their night dreams. I was never able to do it. I was never able to realize I was dreaming. Sometimes, I regretted I could not do certain things in my night dreams that I would never dare to do in real life. That could be fun to live something without any consequences.

Do you believe what we dream about has consequences in our real life?

For me it did. A long time ago, I had a night dream. It was about something which seemed harmless, but it incited big troubles in my private life. Something unconscious turned out in a big drama. Something inconspicuous made me suffer for years. Sometimes, we need to be careful how much attention do we pay to our dreams.

Night dreams that can be dangerous.

They can destroy our life if they’re misinterpreted. When we treat them as a sign. When we give them too much importance. When we dream about something and we go for this illusion. When we don’t think about the impact it might have on our life. When we don’t consider all risks which might be implicated.

Did your night dreams have an influence on your real life?

What do you dream about the most at night?

Did you try to control your dreams?

9 thoughts on “Night dreams that can destroy our life.”

  • I’ve never tried to control my dreams. I’ve heard of this, but I’ve also heard of the potential side effects. I wouldn’t want to risk it.
    Weirdly enough, I do not dream much. (Not that I’m complaining, hearing about all these nightmares people keep having.)
    There was a dream, or two, which almost altered my life. I am still to find out if it was right of me to ignore it or not. So far, I am pleased I did.

      • I’ve read that:
        – it might get difficult to discern real memories from those from lucid dreams,
        – if you don’t do it correctly, you end up with terrifying nightmares, in which you are more aware (i.e. nightmares on steroids),
        – it can mess up with your sleep (interrupting sleep, getting less of it, which would be terrible for me),
        – sleep paralysis
        – false awakening (you think you wake up, but you really don’t)
        It’s a bunch of freaky stuff, and I don’t feel like messing with it.

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