Lifestyle: Award Ceremony – Let’s talk about it!

Lifestyle: Award Ceremony – Let’s talk about it!

If you wanna feel fantastic, here’s the best recipe! Get nominated to Award Ceremony!

I had the honour of being nominated by Goldie who is an amazing motivator to think differently and a wonderful example to challenge the status quo. Goldie’s posts always bring me a new perspective and encourage me to question the known.

Thank you Goldie for being a great inspiration and for nominating me to this impressive initiative!

Do you want to nominate a blogger who you appreciate this month?

Here’s the rules!

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and display the award.
  • Answer the questions they asked you.
  • Come up with your own questions.
  • And lastly, tag other bloggers.

Goldie’s QUESTIONS and my ANSWERS:

What are two things you still want to accomplish in your life?

I want to travel around the world and create.

What is your most controversial or unpopular opinion?

We’re all responsible for what we have and what happens to us.

What is one thing you did this past month that made you feel good?

I started to express my thoughts aloud.

What makes you “you”?

All the difficult experiences I went through.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would love to live in every country a little bit in order to get to know as many people and cultures as possible.

How honest/ open are you in your every-day life?

I tend to be open and honest, but in some circumstances it happens I still protect myself by hiding who I am and what I really think.

How true to yourself are here on WP?

I believe I’m more true to myself here than in real life.

That’s all about me for today! Now, it’s turn to you to uncover a bit of yourself!





1. What was the most challenging situation that you’ve overcome and how you made it?

2. Who’s your biggest inspiration?

3. What would you like to do in 20 years?

4. What do you do when you feel like doing nothing?

5. How do you motivate yourself to write?

6. The best advice you’ve ever received?

7. How do you calm down in a stressful situation?

I will be very glad to read your answers and I invite all of you to share with me the answers to these questions in the comment section!

Have a lovely day!


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5 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Award Ceremony – Let’s talk about it!”

  • Thanks for taking the time to share your answers with us.
    Living in every country for a bit sounds amazing. I’d second that.
    I appreciate all these wonderful things you said about me. It’s truly humbling and encouraging. I hope you’ve had a nice weekend.

    • Hi Goldi! I truly appreciate your writing and the amazing support you share with me and other bloggers. I’m happy I had a chance to express it 🙂 What’s the next country destination you’re planning to go to?

      • We almost bought tickets to Peru, but at that time there was a huge flood there and we had to resign. Finally, we went to Cuba, also to Thailand a couple of times, Sri Lanka, and several countries in Europe. One day, I would definitely to Peru and Chile. Belize sounds very good. However, I’ve never really been thinking about China as a must be destination, but if I’ve got a chance to go there, I would say yes 🙂

      • China is interesting to me because it’s such a huge country. If you travel through it you will marvel at how different it is depending on where you are.

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