Lifestyle: 5 simple habits that can improve your life

Lifestyle: 5 simple habits that can improve your life

If you’re looking for habits which will improve your life, here’s a bunch of tips which made my life incomparably better.

1. Stop judging

It’s easy to judge people seeing just a scrap of their life. Imagine if you would act differently if you were in their shoes. Imagine how would you feel being in their skin. Judging is nothing but seeing things from our own perspective. The truth is that I cannot understand you looking at you through my eyes and you cannot understand me looking at me through your eyes.

The full understanding requires to change the view. If I look through your eyes, I will never judge you. Because I would do exactly the same. I would feel exactly the same. So I know you do your best and I’m not authorized to judge you.

2. Stop complaining

If you let every little thing bother you, you’ll never enjoy good things to come. You might be so busy with seeking what does not work for you that you might not notice a light trying to shine in your life.

Make sure you always see a glass half full. It helps to appreciate every tiny positive thing appearing on your horizon. It doesn’t have to be big and spectacular. Be aware of good karma returning to you. Even if today you don’t see clearly the importance of these things, tomorrow they might get a different ring.

3. Stop saying yes

Saying yes to all requests and proposals prevents me from making the right choice among available options. It doesn’t let me question the real need behind it and the final result it might bring.

The more no you say the more room you leave for making the right choices. The idea is not to reject any opportunity coming. The idea is to value your time so you can benefit only from the best options.

4. Stop revenging

The first thought you might get once someone hurts you deeply is the one to take revenge. You aim at making someone suffer as much as you did. Those who managed to revenge know that it brings only temporary satisfaction, but eventually, the pain remains the same. The revenge expands the emptiness in your heart and doesn’t bring relief as you might have expected.

The only remedy is forgiveness. It’s forgiveness that calms down unbearable feelings. It’s forgiveness which brings a new sense to your existence. It’s forgiveness which makes you breathe again.

5. Stop doubting

Doubt arises from fear of failure. Stop fearing failure. Failure is a natural learning pattern. The more painful the more effective. If you never want to fail, you should stay at home and refrain from doing anything. It is called “existence”.

Afford to make mistakes, to fail, to be wrong. Bad decisions led you to better decisions next time. If you wish to avoid mistakes, you’ll never get far. Safe roads end up sooner or later. Accept it and let yourself learn.

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9 thoughts on “Lifestyle: 5 simple habits that can improve your life”

  • No. 4 rings very true for me. I used to be a vengeful person. I can still be. However, more often than not, I choose not to exercise “justice”. It is not my job. Being able to forgive brings immense calm.

    • I could never imagine that you’re a vengeful person but I can completely understand the reasons why we revenge. How did you learn to forgive?

      • I realized that it gives me peace of mind. The sooner I forgive, the sooner I can move on.
        Forgiving can be divided into different categories depending on the relationship you have with the offender.
        1. If it’s someone you might never see again, why bother? (ex.: road rage)
        2. If it’s someone you work with – you might want to remain professional so as not to risk losing your job.
        3. If it’s someone close to you, it’s the hardest. Sometimes there is an explanation to their action (i.e. they didn’t know, they didn’t think,
        they didn’t mean it, etc.). It doesn’t make it better, but it explains their actions to my logical part of the brain.

        It takes time and patience. And a lot of strong will.

      • First, I try my darnest not to do something for which I will need to forgive.
        If it’s done, I do disect everything, learn from my mistakes and move on. There’s a part of me that has a big ego. It helps in those moments,

      • Is it a long process to forgive yourself or you’re able to do it from one moment to another? For me sometimes it takes months or even years to fully forgive myself despite all my efforts.

      • There is one thing that I carry with me for a few years now. But it’s something that cannot be verified. I will never know if I did something wrong or not. I chose to believe I did the best I could. It gets better every year, but it is still there. Other things, I forgive myself rather quickly.

      • I also have certain things that I carry with me for many years. It’s true that time heals, but sometimes one thing brings back bad feelings about what happened. I cannot deny my responsibility even if in any case my intention was never to hurt anybody. Do you think it’s harder to forgive something we do against ourselves or against other people?

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