Life Motivation: What are 10 best things you have done in your life?

Life Motivation: What are 10 best things you have done in your life?

How many times do you think about the best things you have done in your life? If you’re one of these people who dwell on past mistakes, you probably don’t recall beautiful moments when you did really well. I’m one of these people as well. That’s why today, I’m going to challenge myself to recall 10 best things I’ve done in my life. I encourage you to challenge yourself as well!

1. Studies

I stood up for studying the object of my passion instead of selecting the area which was granted to get me the job. I have spent incredibly fascinating five years on learning my favorite topics and acquiring new skills. The studies helped me as well to get relevant experience and to meet great people.

2. Travel

Since I was a child I was always dreaming about going to distant countries, familiarizing with new cultures, discovering new places, meeting new people. My dream came true 8 years ago. Until now, I have visited over 13 different countries.

3. Child

I always desired to have a child, but I was never feeling ready for it. Fortunately, the time came and I’m happy to say that for me it is the best adventure ever. It is a source of unconditional love, acceptance, patience, and joy that I have never imagined it could be so powerful.

4. Job

I was lucky enough to get the jobs which were always corresponding to the area of my interests even if not necessarily related to the subject of my studies. I’m happy to work in a place giving the employees great opportunities to grow within the organization and caring for employees as part of a big family.

5. Blog

The writing was always a part of my life. Although, I’ve been ceasing to write several times. Why? Because I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t appreciate the content I was creating, I expected immediate results, I was not consistent, I’ve been giving up under negative comments. Eventually, I’m happy that I keep writing as it is giving me a great source of self-awareness and a possibility to get to know fantastic people.

6. Self-acceptance

The work is still in progress, but I feel a great difference. I gave myself freedom to live at peace with myself. I granted myself the right to listen to myself. I resigned from everything which was harming my spirit.

7. Less people

I was always thinking that having a big number of friends is a sign of success. Today I know that I don’t need a bunch of people in my life to feel good. I feel perfectly fine on my own and few friends around me are perfectly enough.

8. Yoga

Yoga helped me to take care of my body especially in tough times of huge stress. It made more aware of what is going on inside me. It gave relief from chronical pains I suffered when not taking appropriate effort to stretch my muscles. Yoga brought more mindfulness to my life and let me be more conscious of how to care better of myself.

9. Moving out

Moving out of my home town opened for me a new world and new doors. I’ve got space to explore life. I’ve got freedom to try new approaches. To make my understanding wider. To make my ideas evolve.

10. Disconnecting from social media

My private accounts on social media were extreme time consumers and a source of frustration. Constant comparing to other people who seemed to have a better life and the urge to prove I’m not worse have got me exhausted mentally. Finally, I said stop. And that was the best decision ever. I don’t compare myself anymore to anybody. I intentionally select the right content to feed my mind.

What are best things you have done in your life?

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2 thoughts on “Life Motivation: What are 10 best things you have done in your life?”

  • Such a positive post. You are right – it’s much easier to come up with the negatives than the positives.
    Even though I think I would have been fine without my studies, I still treasure that time. So much was learned.
    I’ve taken a trip of a lifetime last year, which I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid.
    Moving out indeed is a fantastic thing. You just learn so much about yourself and life that way.
    Growth through tough times is also something I’d list.

    • Thank you Goldie! It requires much courage to enlist growth through tough times as one of the best things done in your life. I’m not used to seeing it this way, but what you’ve said opened my eyes to a great value and strength put in the process of healing, learning and sometimes just surviving. I appreciate this reminder.

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