Life Motivation: How to lift myself higher and not to fall down

Life Motivation: How to lift myself higher and not to fall down

“Lifting you higher”, that’s the name of Armin van Buuren’s world tour and the anthem of ASOT 900. It happened that I came across this title while looking for a kind of inspiration. That’s really struck me as I was personally struggling to lift myself high enough to forget about painful events in my life. Have you ever experienced that three words can totally change the way you look at your life?

I was amazed at how these three simple words impacted my mindset. It was exhausting to dwell on the dummy things I had no influence on anymore. I needed something to lift me higher. I needed something to get me out of from the black hole which was taking up my soul. I found the remedy in Armin’s music which lifted me high enough to say:

I’m done with my past. It’s time to start over.

I realized how pointless was to let myself get stuck with the problems without going for the solutions. To let myself get stuck with thinking about people I didn’t desire in my life anymore. To let myself down with no believing in my skills.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.

How can I lift myself higher? I can:

  • Surround myself with positive people
  • Enjoy little moments
  • Do what I’m passionate about even if I’m not good at it
  • Find myself a goal
  • Share what I have and what I know
  • Repeat positive affirmations
  • Love

I don’t need anything to lift me higher. I need myself to lift myself higher. This is something I’m particularly thankful for to Armin.

Listen to ASOT 900!

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6 thoughts on “Life Motivation: How to lift myself higher and not to fall down”

  • I loved: “I need myself to lift myself higher”. So profound and true.
    I’m glad you managed to do that!
    Trans is not really my thing, though.

    • Trans is not my favorite one either, but I must admit that these days I’ve found there peace. What about your favorite music?

            • I’ve got some favorite artists. However, the selection depends on the mood. Starting from Metallica, going through Red Hot and ending on Armin van Bureen. Music is my thing, but I find such a large and various offer that I don’t want to limit only myself to a few names.

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