Life Motivation: 7 best ideas how to spend bad days

Life Motivation: 7 best ideas how to spend bad days

Bad days are not the time when I seethe with inspiration on how to spend them better. Bad days are the time when I don’t feel like doing anything. I would gladly disconnect from all which requires the tiniest action from my end.

However, certain bad days don’t give me the privilege to skip from my daily routine and to hide under a palm on a paradise beach. These are days when I’m obliged to overcome my weakness and to face the reality the way it is. Here is where I resort to 10 tested ideas that help me survive.

1. Positive quotes

Spending just a few minutes on Instagram and checking out a bunch of positive quotes already makes up my mind when struggling with a bad day. Sometimes simple sentences heard for the thousandth time finally hit the ball. They don’t have to be the smartest and the most sophisticated thoughts on the Earth. Their role is not to impress. Their role is to make you think.

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

2. True stories

Knowing that I’m not a single person who goes through a difficult time is reassuring. I usually forget that all of us have bad times and we all suffer the same. I feel like I’m the only one with my pain which is not right. Getting familiar with people’s true stories prove there was already someone who went through the same. And the situation I’m going through now is not something extraordinary I should spend a lot of time on. There were already people who overcame the same challenge and I’m lucky to learn today how they did it.

3. Sleep

Sleep is something I usually miss or not use enough. That’s why, an additional portion of sleep or a short nap recharges my batteries. It helps to stop thinking about how bad the day is. It’s like a quick shot of energy. Quick restart for my mind. Going to sleep is one of the best investments I can make for my well-being. Even if I struggle to fall asleep because of overwhelming thoughts, it’s nice at least to stay in bed a while and not having to run all the time.

4. Chill music

What really helps me to detach from reality is good inspirational chill music. Music that carries me to a different level of consciousness. Powerful melody and insightful lyrics make miracles for a desperate human soul. I immerse myself in the song and the message the author wants to share with me. I let myself drift on the waves of my dreams not wondering if they can come true one day. A simple fact of having them makes me already happy.

5. Extra coffee and extra cake

While having a bad day, I afford myself to buy a great cup of coffee with an extra bonus such as caramel or vanilla and an insanely chocolate piece of cake. My favorite one is a pure chocolate brownie. I take my time tasting both which is a source of great pleasure and it immediately calms down pessimistic emotions. The ideal scenario is an opportunity to taste them in a nice place, with a nice view and a nice melody filling up the space.

6. High-value meal

When talking about eating, there is nothing better to feel good than having a high-value meal in a great ambiance. Your body needs plenty of nutrients so the easiest way to get a better mood is to feed it with something really special that you don’t eat every day. Usually, when I overcome a temptation to grab fast food and I go for good calories, it makes me so proud that I want to continue the effort.

7. Stretching

Bad days come with tiredness. I can feel it in my muscles which suffer from a lack of proper movement. In such a case, I pull out my yoga mat and I stretch my legs, my back, my shoulders, my neck, and my head. It doesn’t take longer than 10 min, but it brings an extraordinary relief, speeds up the blood circulation and triggers a dose of positive hormones. From time to time I decide to go to classes and spend an hour working on stretching my muscles. Once the classes are finished, I feel like a newborn.

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