Life Change: Don’t change your life. Improve it!

Life Change: Don’t change your life. Improve it!

Change your life. Change your diet. Change your relationship. Change. Change. Change. We’re bombarded with the urge to change. While some changes are relatively easy to drive, the other ones make us dizzy. Instead of implementing never-ending changes, it might be more effective to keep improving gradually some aspects of our life.

What’s the difference between change and improvement?

Change’s useful as far as negative habits are concerned. If you need to eliminate something which is harmful to you. While improvement doesn’t impose any particular shift in your current behavior or thought pattern. Improvement brings a progressive enhancement into your daily activities. What you do takes a different shape.

It’s like with eating sweets. You don’t have to give up on them if you don’t feel like doing this. But you can eat the ones which contain less sugar or you can start to eat dry fruits with natural sugars. Or you don’t have to quit watching TV if you don’t feel like doing this. But you can add a few minutes of abdomen exercises to your TV sessions.

Say, you want to change a job, but you don’t find any appealing opportunity to go for it. Or you cannot afford to change your job for certain reasons. However, you can include a new activity to your daily plan. The one which brings you satisfaction and helps you develop in a new area. You can propose to be the owner of a new idea, a new strategy, a new project. It may lead you to places you’ve never expected to be within the current scope of responsibilities.

Reinvent yourself by enriching your existing habits or preferences. Not all of them have to be changed. At least not at the same time. If something doesn’t click, it doesn’t have to mean it should be immediately replaced by something else. Sometimes, it’s enough to repair one piece or to make it shine.

Redefine yourself by implementing small actions to strengthen what’s can be better utilized. Sometimes you don’t have to change totally the color of walls in your place if the existing ones started to bother you. You can change their tint. It might turn out you needed only to brighten the ambiance, but you actually appreciate the colors themselves.

Refine yourself by giving repetitive tasks a better taste. Maybe you cannot avoid particular duties, but you can make sure you perform them in a more creative atmosphere. While doing something which doesn’t require your full attention, play a piece of inspiring music, podcast or language lesson. It’s like pouring a dry meal with a tasty sauce.

By trying every day your life improves.

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12 thoughts on “Life Change: Don’t change your life. Improve it!”

  • I like this approach. Your brain thinks differently about change vs. improvement. The first is something that points out the negative. The second makes it seem like reaching the goal isn’t that far off. Improvement requires less work to accomplish. And it’s less painful. Well done!

    • I believe we can achieve much more with improving our life than with changing it. Improving is associated with something positive which means we feel good about ourselves. We don’t like to admit that something is wrong with us. That’s why we don’t like to change. Improvement doesn’t require to abandon what we already have. It seems safer and more manageable.

      Do you have something you would like to improve in your life for the time being?

  • I was actually just discussing this. How it’s not always about something new but building on what is. That sometimes because we want something different we forget to look at and see what is there already and has a lot of what we want.
    Love, light and glitter

    • Hi Eliza! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the matter! What you said was something I’ve been figuring out for a long time. Say, the simplest things are the most difficult ones to discover. I guess many of us have got a quite good background to build upon. I often forget what I’ve already built and I strive for something different wanting to change all my life. So silly.

      What would you recommend when it comes to improving successfully our life?

      • Appreciating every moment. Not just about the world and others but ourselves. Only when the cup is whole can it be filled. I think that when there is an awareness and knowledge or a goal than we instinctively gravitate towards it. It doesn’t always, or even usually, have to be conscious work. It might be that if it was all very thought out it would be faster change but not necessarily. I’ve learned to keep boundaries by being aware of the lack, when the awareness was there, the notice for every time that it wasn’t and that it was, and the gravitation towards what I wanted. It’s also a bit like when you put the energy out there or open yourself to something the universe will bring it to you.

      • That’s so deep what you said about the appreciation of every moment. Trying to appreciate my moments I realize that I often take them for granted. It’s like with health. I’m scared of getting seriously ill, but am I really grateful that I lived another day healthy? That no condition was affecting me? It seems so normal. And then why worry about the future if the day of today is more important and what I can make of it?

        What do you appreciate in your life the most?

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