Life Challenge: What’s the worst thing you worry about when thinking of tomorrow?

Life Challenge: What’s the worst thing you worry about when thinking of tomorrow?

We all worry about something. Most often we worry about tomorrow. Some fears disappear when we express them aloud. This is when we realize how unjustified they are. Let’s see what are the worst things we worry when it comes to tomorrow and how to cope with them.

I asked this question to some of you and here are your answers.

Fear 1.

You have dreams, you have plans, but you don’t know how to implement them.

I can definitely relate to that worry. I’m aware that my time is limited and I’m mad that I’m not using it as much as possible. I lose a lot of time for thinking how to do certain things instead of doing them. Suddenly, I realize: “What if there will be no tomorrow for me? What if tomorrow I will not be able to do what I want to do?”. This fear kills me when I imagine the end of my life with a feeling that I lost my chance. With a lack of complete fulfillment. With regret, I could have left something valuable for the world.

How to overcome this fear?

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t think too much about how to do things. Just start doing them as best as you can. Start with small steps. You don’t need to know everything at once. You learn as you go. You learn as you do. The answers to your questions will come. You’ll see how easy it gets when you keep acting.

Fear 2.

When you seek for advice, there are thousands of people who are out there seeking for chance to take advantage of you.

I don’t really consider people as the ones who want to take advantage of me, but I know that they tend to impose their point of view whenever it’s convenient for them. People who try to make you doubt the rationality of your plans. People who urge you to choose comfort and security over your aspirations. People who will not be tomorrow when you will need them.

How to overcome this fear?

It’s normal we strive for being reassured and we seek people’s approval. It’s normal we worry about the lack of them when we’re supposed to face challenges alone. But they should never define our choices. People don’t know what is good for you. People know what is good for them, but it doesn’t mean what is good for them will match what is good for you. Remember about it next time when you will put your plans into question being afraid of people’s reactions. Trust yourself and go for the things which matter to you.

Fear 3.

Life always has an uncertainty, though your plans are going fine, you don’t know how things change.

Definitely, we’re not a fortune-teller to know if there’s any disturb waiting for our plans behind the next corner. My experience proves that there’s always a challenge coming sooner or later to verify their relevance. Nothing in this life can be taken for granted. There’s no human power to ensure that everything will go smoothly. That’s the risk included into the game.

How to overcome this fear?

Be prepared for the worst. Hope for the best.

The unknown is a part of our life. Accept the risk. The challenge is not to destroy you, but to strengthen you. Try to come up with the worst scenarios which could happen. Then, try to come up with possible solutions. You will see there’re no hopeless situations. It’s up to you how to manage them in the most effective way. If you fail, you fail. If you win, you win. The result doesn’t always matter. What matters is what you learn on the way. This makes you strong.

Fear 4.

I feel sad that obviously and against all major religions on this planet, mankind is not able to live in peace with each other, to be kind and helpful!
(…) and that “we” have no problems to destroy our planet and natural resources for the sake of Mamon! It’s the same with banks, investment bankers and e.g. Pharmaceutical Industries! It’s not about healing people but just about making (short term!) profit!

Thinking of tomorrow when today we see such how much harm is done to our planet and how much harm we do to each other because of money or ambitions might be worrying. The awareness of all that is going on today in politics, in medicine and around us is pretty overwhelming. No surprise that some new revelations make us lose sleep over.

How to overcome this fear?

We might not have any impact on all that is going on in this world, but we do have an impact on what is going on around us. We ignore the importance of small actions in our daily life. We ignore the fact that people around us replicate some of our decisions. This way, we change the world in a positive or negative way. Every single decision counts: placing the rubbish to dedicated areas, using less plastic, choosing bio products, using more natural methods of healing whenever possible, voting in the elections, teaching our children best eco practices, contributing to social initiatives. The more people we encourage to follow good examples, the bigger impact we can make for this planet and for the people who live here.

Fear 5.

I have a big fear of death, but only at night. During the day if I think about it, I can brush it off.  But when I  am lying in my bed at night the thought of death turns my stomach.

I can completely understand that fear as I’m struggling with it all my life. And the fear comes mostly at night paralyzing me. I feel helpless, defenseless and mad asking myself a question: “What is it all for if I have to die one day and cease to existe forever?”. I’m wondering what if all the religions are just a human invention to cope with a fear of death and their purpose is to give them a reassurance that there’s a life after death. I start to feel anxiety not seeing a sense of my existence.

How to overcome this fear?

Blaise Pascal said:

If I believe in God and life after death and you do not, and there is no God, we both lose when we die. However, if there is a God, then you still lose and I gain everything.

Believing in God and life after death might be one option. Another option is living our life the best as we can but not getting attached to it. Today, I’ve read that we were not aware of how it was not to exist before we were born and we will not be aware of how it is not to exist after death. We’re used to imagining terrifying pictures of death, but in reality, it might be as natural as waking up in the morning. When the time comes, then it comes and for the time being live your best and enjoy every moment you’re given.

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  • I like your advice regarding the change we can make every day. In the big picture, we have no influence. But we SHOULD do something for the microenvironment we live in. If everyone did that, the macroenvironment would change, too. The problem is that we don’t all want the same changes. Make your place a better one for you.

    • Absolutely! The thing is that we don’t want to do changes on our own. We expect other people to make the efforts. However, it really doesn’t require to be a hero. Personally, I make very small steps to change things around me only if it is for me or for my family. I try to buy biodegradable containers, I exchanged all plastic utensils to metal or glass ones, I cook more to avoid chemical ready meals and so on, and so on. I know it might be a drop in the bucket, but for me it makes difference and I feel difference.

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