Life Challenge: Even if I’m falling down, I’ll be safe and sound

Life Challenge: Even if I’m falling down, I’ll be safe and sound

Falling down is not the most pleasant movement in our life. Although some of us do it on purpose to raise the adrenaline in the bloodstream, a major rest of us try any effort to get protected against a fall. And this is how we fall into a trap.

Nelson Mandela said: Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back again.

I find it so right when I think about people who are admired by their successes. It seems so easy to be in their shoes when they’re already on the top. However, when they fall down, we point out their misery. It is like heroes are not allowed to fall down from the heights. Even if they get back, they’re considered as flawed and lose all shiny cover. The fact they made a tremendous effort to rise doesn’t matter. But this is precisely what makes them strong and builds their strength. The ability to overcome a temptation to spend the rest of their life pitying themselves.

Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.

The biggest falls I’ve experienced gave me the best understanding of who I am and where I stand. Starting from heartbreaks, going through being rejected and ending up losing physically people I loved. All the big falls I’ve suffered opened my eyes to a new world I’ve never seen before.

It was not like massive enlightenment came from one day to another. I had to withstand and undergo through the darkest periods of my life. There is no shortcut to skip the pain. It has to fulfill its role in clearing out the spirit. The course of the time made it, though, livable to such a degree that I could think more openly about the future. I was getting aware that it was not the end of my story. It was a chapter that I had to leave behind me to turn the next page.

What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

Rising is not easy either. Trying to find a reason to live, a hope to love again, a will to forgive, courage to start over, power to move on. We get used to being consoled. We get used to having a good excuse for everything. It requires to get out of the comfort zone we fall to.

Before I was afraid of falling down. Now I’m not. I know I will be safe and sound if I get a good background under my feet.

How to prepare a good background to fall?

  • Learn how to bounce
  • Exercise the resistance
  • Know when to slow down
  • Let yourself flow

Falling down is not so bad if you know how to fall. Then, it doesn’t hurt you. It gives you time to realize what should be the next step. Take it as an opportunity.

How do you cope with falling down?

Do you get back immediately or do you give yourself time to think over what happened?

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11 thoughts on “Life Challenge: Even if I’m falling down, I’ll be safe and sound”

  • I like the cartoon. It reflects the reality so well.

    Do you know how when a kid falls down, they stand up and, for a split second, they look around them to see how they should react? In that split second, the parent can try and say: “It’s alright”, or maybe laugh it off. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes the kid forgets about the pain and the automatic reaction to cry. Sometimes, something similar happens to us. We fall and for a split second we are in shock, surprised at what happened, unsure of how we should proceed. Those few moments are crucial for dealing with the fall. I prefer to dust myself off, and take a few steps to the side. Why would I sit in that cursed spot that ruined my day? I move away and access the damage. Sometimes I just wash the scrapes, put a band-aid on it and get back on that bike. If the damage is greater, then I take some time to heal.

    • This is precisely how we should deal with falls. Me, once on the ground, I usually wonder why did it choose this road and how will I make sure that the next road will not be the same? Why did nobody tell me not to take this way? Should I have asked somebody first? But the truth is that I never ask. I just go straight believing I will manage to get the ultimate distance. Stepping back sounds for me like not accepting the challenge, like resigning from a new opportunity. And this is how I fall frequently.

      • Not asking isn’t wrong. Some bikes have thicker wheels, some thinner. The same with cars (some are taller, some are closer to the ground) – some can handle puddles better than others. You might ask someone and they will say it’s alright, but you might end up breaking a leg, or the other way around. There is no sure thing.

      • I’m not saying you should never listen to others. What I mean is don’t follow them blindly. I don’t believe in coincidence, but destiny? Possibly.

      • No. And it drives me absolutely bananas when others do that. It happens more often than not. I fail to see the reason why. Presumed bias?

      • Maybe because we’re overconfident when it comes to our loved ones or we get too emotional about their advice. While listening to strangers makes us feel they’re more objective. So wrong. They see just a small piece of the picture.

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