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Let’s stop being scared to say no.

Let’s stop being scared to say no.

Saying no doesn’t come easily for many of us. We don’t want to disappoint other people. We don’t want to make other people angry. We don’t want to be rejected.

Many times in my life I should have said no. And I didn’t. Why I didn’t if I knew it was not good neither for me nor my family? Because I sticked to appearances. Because I wanted to create a picture of better myself. Because I didn’t want to lose something I thought I had.

Sometimes we say yes to all arising opportunities without even considering what is really good for us.

Sometimes we say yes to opportunities which ain’t good for us but look good outside.

Sometimes we say yes to opportunities which make life looking better than it is in reality.

Many times I should have said no. But I didn’t. It will never happen again. You know why? Because thanks to a wonderful book of Greg McKeown I’ve finally learned to prioritize. I’ve finally understood what I really want and what is good for me. I’ve finally learned I have to say no to be happy. To get freedom. To breathe.

I strongly encourage you to read this book. It will totally change your life.

We should say slowly yes and fast no.

Have a nice lecture!


3 thoughts on “Let’s stop being scared to say no.”

  • I agree with you in saying no sometimes and the reason why I say this is that in life you will have those people that go over and beyond. In addition, you will become that go to person and after that you will start to realize that the people that are coming to are starting to become to needed and not place all of there understanding on God first. I had a relative that always said yes and she begin to be burn out by completing or helping others so much that she start to lose focus on herself and what really important. However saying yes is ok but I believe and no from experience that it will get overwhelming and you will start to say no sometimes. It just allows others to realize that true dependencies come from God and by all means reach out but don’t abuse your sources. I enjoyed your post great topic😊.

    • Hi! I appreciate you shared your thoughts on the post! I remember the time I was saying yes without even thinking if I would be able to do what I promised. I wanted to be accepted so much than I had fear of being rejected in case I’d say no. What I learned was the opposite. People respect us more when we say no from time to time even if they may seem disappointed at the beginning. Saying yes all the time makes other people push us to the limits. Thank you once again for the comment and have a wonderful day!

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