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Let’s make people do what they’re best at.

Let’s make people do what they’re best at.

I’m a person who doesn’t pay attention to small things. I may not pay attention to where I left my stuff. I may not pay attention to how did I manage to scratch my car. I may not pay attention to what was the weather this morning.

All that doesn’t matter for me.

On the other hand, I’ll pay attention to the way you said something. To the way, you didn’t smile at me when passing by. To the way, you looked at me. All that matters for me.

What if you try to make me pay attention to small things I don’t care for?
Maybe you’re right it could be beneficial somehow. But do I try to make you pay attention to the way I see the world? I don’t. Because I know you’re different. And that’s perfectly fine for me. Why do you keep trying to make me see the world the way you do?

I find it so incredible we can’t just all live together and respect each other the way we are. We spend so much time and energy on making other people think the way we do. Talk the way we do. Act the way we do.

What for?

It would be so much easier to do what we are best at and let other people do what they’re best at.
Everyone has unique values which could be developed at maximum to bring the highest advantages possible. Why shall be all the same if it doesn’t contribute to something new?

I don’t understand the idea of teaching all children the same things while each of them could learn something they’re really good at or something which really interests them. This way we would have plenty of excellent specialists instead of people who know everything but aren’t good enough in any area.

My idea is to support diversity.

That’s the only way to assure all talents are used effectively.

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