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Lifestory: It’s time to tell you the truth.

Lifestory: It’s time to tell you the truth.

We don’t tend to tell people all they wanted to know about us. However, today I’m going to tell you some details I’ve never shared with you before.

First of all, I would like to thank Curiosity for nominating me to do this. Second of all, if you would like to ask me any other question, please feel free to do it in the comment section or you can send me an email at

Let’s get it started!

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself writing a book, interviewing inspiring people and traveling around the world. Boring as the question itself 🙂

2. If you could go to the moon for free, would you?

No, because there are much more interesting places on Earth that I would love to see.

3. What is your biggest fear?

Death, criticism, and rejection.

4. In what do you find yourself braver than others?

In making mistakes.

5. If you could have one non-pet as a pet (and it wouldn’t be dangerous), what would it be?

None. Every pet should be given appropriate care. For the time being, I barely manage to give appropriate care to my family 🙂

6. What makes you peaceful and what makes you nervous?
Yoga makes me peaceful and complaining makes me nervous.
7. What is one of your qualities which could be both positive for most but negative for others?

Laughing aloud.

8. Which country would you visit just for the food?

9. Do you remember your first kiss? Care to share the story?

Yes, I was kissed by a guy who was in love with my colleague.

10. What was your most embarrassing moment?

There were so many embarrassing moments in my life that I’m not able to tell you which one was the most embarrassing.
11. Do you prefer blinds or curtains?


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4 thoughts on “Lifestory: It’s time to tell you the truth.”

  • I haven’t seen Curiosity in a while. I wonder what is up with her nowadays.

    I relate to your answer regarding pets. Some people think I hate animals because I currently don’t own any, but I wonder if maybe I like them more than people whose dogs have no company for most of the day, they don’t get to run and be free at all, etc. Having a pet is a responsibility.

    About the moon – would you like to go just to cross it off the bucket list? You could then return and see the rest of Earth.

    • Last question to the point 🙂 I could go there just to see Earth from a different perspective. But to be honest, I don’t find anything exciting in a place where there is literally nothing. It’s the same when it comes to Mars. I watched “The Martian” with Matt Damon and I realized I would get bored there after 15 min. Would you go to the moon just for the sake of crossing off Bucket’s list?

    • I completely agree with you in terms of having a pet. We do have a dog. And we work so much that we don’t have time for him. Since we have a baby, we have even less time for him. Now, I would think twice before making a decision to have an animal at home.

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