Life Lessons: 6 Powerful Ideas To Invest In Your Life Better

Life Lessons: 6 Powerful Ideas To Invest In Your Life Better

The most common things we invest in is our job, our house or car, and our relationships. Meanwhile, many of us spend years having a job that doesn’t move us in any direction. Many of us spend years in a relationship that doesn’t make us grow. Many of us spend years buying expensive items that doesn’t bring us any happiness. Time’s supposed to nourish us, not fly by. Do you invest all of it into the right things? Do you invest wisely?

When I look at my life and the way I’ve been investing my time, I see a lot of gaps that could have been filled out differently. There’s nothing worse than wasted potential, talents or opportunities. There’s nothing worse than giving in to negative emotions or destructive habits which steal a countless amount of time. There’s nothing worse than listening to people instead of own intuition.

What should you invest in to bring yourself the highest benefit? Here are 6 best investments you can make starting from now.

1. Learning

The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a choice.

Brian Herbert

I was taught to learn a lot since I was a kid. Though, there’s a huge difference between learning for getting high grades and learning for getting useful knowledge. 70% of what I learned during almost twenty years of my life was completely useless. It drives me crazy when I think who could I be and where would I be, if I learned only meaningful matters. If someone explained to me how does this world really work. If I had access to such an incredible source of knowledge as I’ve got now.

Obviously, I consider myself an extremely lucky person being able to benefit today from the existing oeuvre of wonderful authors who constantly change my life for better. In parallel, I’m upset thinking back about all the lost time that I will never get back. Therefore, I don’t let anymore the day to pass without the “appropriate” learning.

Don’t let it happen either. Read every day. Learn valuable subjects. Choose what’s important for you. What makes you grow. Memorize life-changing rules. Keep your mind stimulated. Cultivate it with alternative thought patterns. Get thirsty for new ideas. Learn new languages. Enroll in specialized courses. Participate in conferences or webinars. Brainstorm with open-minded people. Challenge your intellectual limits.

Be assured that the knowledge you gain will pay off.

2. Self-development

Knowing others is intelligence.

Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength.

Mastering yourself is true power.

Lao Tzu

I don’t remember precisely when I started to take care of my self-development, but I see terrific shifts that happened on my way ever since. It’s like you knew all of it from the get-go, but it’s been overshadowed until you started to uncover it. Investing time in your personal development is like getting enlightened every time you discover something new. Despite the fact that all you need to know about yourself is inside, you feel amazed at how evident some things become once you let them reach the surface.

If you want to invest wisely, invest in yourself. Trying to hit the top of the mountains without being fully equipped is a venture doomed to fail. Your equipment is what you know about yourself and what you do about that. One cannot exist without another one. A true self-development requires to move, not to stand still.

Move yourself by working on your blind spots and appreciating your strengths. Write your philosophy about life. Understand who you are and who do you want to see in the mirror when your life will be nearing its end. List your areas for improvement. Challenge yourself. Leave your comfort zone. See outside the box. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Allow yourself to go through the healing process. Allow yourself to stand up and try again.

The beauty of self-development lies in digging into the core of what’s truly powerful in you.

3. Experiences

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.

Mark Twain

The theory is nothing if it’s not put into practice. Invest in experiences to see a new dimension of your life and what you can do with it. Think less, take action. Break the routine. Do something unexpected. Stop watching life from your couch. Whenever I give up on complaining about my life and I do something meaningful, it surprises me how much does it recharge me.

Make a Bucket List with all things you promised yourself to do before you die. Experience life. Taste it. Savor it. Feel it. Touch it. Enjoy it. Make sure you live a high quality life. That you spend high-quality time. That you invest yourself in high-quality activities. Go for adventures rather than spend time on the couch binging another series. Travels are a great source of wonderful experiences. But you can start first with small and less expensive adventures. You can take small decisions on how to implement more action into your life. You can take small risks to see how far they’ll take you.

Things that have no price make us the happiest.

4. Memories

Memory is the scribe of the soul.


Collecting memories is a powerful investment. They cheer your soul during pleasant moments and feed it during tough times. Good memories fuel you whenever you lack vital energy to go. Whilst, I do my best to avoid returning to painful memories, the good ones remind me that not all my time was wasted. They remind me that not everything went wrong. They remind me that I was able to achieve much more than I think.

You know very well how ephemeral our memory is. Without storing your best memories, you risk losing some of them. Write down your best memories or find any other way to make them available to you. Be it an album, a video or a small exposition of souvenirs. I’ve got a board with a map of countries that I’ve visited. I made an album where I paste not only photos, but also any kind of materialized memories from the places I’ve been at such as tickets, bills, leaflets, flowers, maps, notes, contacts and so on. Whereas, I rarely open folders with digital photos on my PC, every time I open the album I feel like it’s been yesterday.

Let your positive memories be a part of your daily gratitude.

5. Creating

Don’t concern yourself with the money. Be of service. Build. Work. Dream. Create. Do this and you’ll find there is no limit to the prosperity and abundance that will come to you.

Earl Nightingale

Creating, building, producing, raising – they all bring a deeper sense to your life. Feeling that what you do matters is the base of greatest satisfaction and fulfillment. Identify opportunities to create or build something rather than to consume. Write down your ideas so that you can refer to them and set them in motion. Expressing your thoughts on paper makes them clearer and gives them shape. Personally, what makes me feel fulfilled is to write, record or edit the content. This is where I can express myself as well as I can widen my knowledge by getting familiar with the stuff produced by other authors. It’s a fascinating process to be part of something bigger while creating and learning at the same time. It’s the greatest expression of human need to imprint its presence on the timeline.

How to invest time into being more creative? Observe the best ones. Ask the right questions. Develop your own expertise. Share your knowledge. Build something that gives you a purpose. Feel that your presence matters. Even if, at first you do it only for yourself, with the course of time it empowers you to do more and more so that eventually you can offer it to other people. I like to create hand made gifts that seem to be a little bit more special than buying a standard present. From time to time I try to cook or bake something unusual. Creative spirit can be expressed even by rearranging the space around you. Give ordinary activities a new flavor by doing them differently.

Play with casual things to transform them into exceptional pieces.

6. Good habits

We first make our habits and then our habits make us.

John Dryden

Putting time and efforts into developing relevant habits is one of the best investments you can make. The power of the habit lies in automating certain behaviors or actions so that you don’t lose energy anymore while implementing them. It is said that small positive habits influence big areas of your life.

All it takes is to follow a specific routine during a certain period of time. Think about the most rewarding habits that you could deploy. What would be the most beneficial for you and for your projects. What would change your life for better. Then, stick to them until they become automated. As far as I’m concerned, I’m currently working on maintaining the writing schedule, the exercise plan and healthy approach toward my eating rules.

How to ensure that good habits are worked out smoothly? The essential is to start with small and easy habits. This is to see how easy it gets when you believe that those ones are feasible. Remove possible temptations. Replace lost needs by getting another source of compensation. Find a trigger which will be reminding you about your habits. Set an example to follow. Get up quickly once failed. Give yourself another chance. Continue your fight. Remember about your goals. Have the award in front of your eyes.

Your habits determine your future.

What do you invest your time and energy in?

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7 thoughts on “Life Lessons: 6 Powerful Ideas To Invest In Your Life Better”

  • Such a thorough and well-composed post. Nicely done.
    I could not agree more with every single point you made.
    Viewing physical photos is SO much better than just seeing them on the screen.

      • I think you about covered it all. But if I was to add something, it’d have to be proper resting. And I don’t mean just doing nothing or watching Netflix for days on end. It’s about resting in a productive way depending on what needs resting and for an appropriate time (not to overdo it).

      • It’s very right. Proper resting remains a kind of underestimated investment. Resting is considered an unproductive activity while most of us seek higher and higher productivity.

        When I look at my own feelings, I see the same. I don’t feel comfortable doing nothing. There’s a kind of guilt arising from nowhere: “I should be doing something. I lose my time”.

        Do you have the same feeling when you take a rest? If yes, how do you deal with it?

      • Sure. But I see it as something positive. It helps keep me in check. Ultimately, you do want to get back to things. So every time that voice comes up, I take a quick look and assess the situation. How rested am I? Is whatever I am doing helping me rest or is it stressing me out? Could I be doing something productive and still rest? If I think that more rest is needed, I argue that I will be more productive once properly rested. I get more things done then vs. if I was to get to work too early and then burn out.

      • Most definitely, I’d need to change my approach in this matter since I still struggle to fully enjoy taking rest. Your attitude is smart. You see a long-term perspective, not only what’s behind the next corner. Especially, if you want to get prepared for a big battle, you need to be rested.

        Is that a reason you’re taking a break from blogging?

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