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Lifestyle: I hate Starbucks. But every morning I get my coffee there.

Lifestyle: I hate Starbucks. But every morning I get my coffee there.

I hate Starbucks. But every morning I get my coffee there. Because they’re close to my office. Because I can afford it. Because they make me feel special.

I have got for free much better coffee in my office. I have got even better coffee at home. But I still get my morning coffee at Starbucks…

and I don’t like it.

What does stimulate people to keep doing something they actually don’t like?

It’s not about taste. It’s about the feeling

You can be offered the best coffee in the world, but if the place is not fancy, you don’t enjoy it. Even if the taste is moderate, Starbucks make sure you feel differently. And I do feel there differently. This place gets me inspired to be someone I always wanted to be. This place reminds me I can live my way. This place reassures me I can make my dreams come true.

It makes you feel everything is possible

Starbucks let me get away from daily routine. I enter its door and I feel like everything is possible. I feel like I can do whatever I want. I can be whoever I want to be. Just because this place is a place of opportunities. You can meet there people you always wanted to meet. You can get there ideas you couldn’t find for a long time. You can believe in yourself and in your skills.

5 other things I hate but I do it every day:

  • I get up early
  • I clean up my place
  • I drive my car in the rush hours
  • I talk to negative people
  • I watch TV
  • I skip my fitness classes πŸ™‚

What if you could do only what you like?

I would write every day. I would interview people every day. I would get my book done. I would make my movie. I would record my podcasts. I would sit at Starbucks drinking coffee I hate.

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

What prevents me from doing what I like?

My daily responsibilities which have nothing to do with the way I would like to live.

I let tell myself how I should live. What I should do. And what should be important for me.

You can do it.

Despite the fact you share your life with a person you love or you share your environment with people you work with, you can still reserve some space only for you. A small piece of freedom where you do what brings you joy. It can be one hour per day. It can be one day per week. It may be one week per year. You can do it and you can make yourself happy doing things you really like.

I hate realizing how much time I waste on doing things I don’t enjoy. I hate forgetting how important is to start or to end the day knowing I’ve made the best of it. I hate letting other people decide what is good for me.

Here’s one my favorites speeches which brings me back to the track of my life.

It’s your life. It’s your time. It’s your choice.

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6 thoughts on “Lifestyle: I hate Starbucks. But every morning I get my coffee there.”

  • Good read! I do like the taste of Starbucks but I do not enjoy the wait most of the time. Even though it gives me the opportunity to people watch, which is also something I enjoy. Reading this made me analyze my day to day routine and there are somethings that I do not enjoy doing but have to because being an adult sucks sometimes. Lol thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Monica! Thank you for your comment! I don’t like the waiting time either πŸ™‚ When it comes to a daily routine which sucks, do you think it’s because we let other people impose their expectations or it’s just us who try to adjust to other people as much as possible?

      • I think I tend to let negativity get to me sometimes. I really try to stay positive and stay on top of it because I do not like to let others control my day. It is truly what you make it, right? The hectic schedule I maintain daily from full time job to full time mom/stepmom can become a bit overwhelming and I think it’s more of the overwhelming feeling I do not like, because everything else is just life. I know one day it will all be different so I try to remind myself often that this to shall pass and to keep pushing forward.

        • Monica, I share the same feelings. And it’s so reassuring to know I’m not the only one, though sometimes I feel like this is the case. We often forget how many of us go through the same experiences. I also maintain full-time job and I’m full-time mom which is wonderful but does not leave much time for keeping my passions alive. As you rightly said, one day it will all be different, but the key is to make the difference today. That’s why, when I grab my morning coffee at Starbucks and I look around to watch people who create a new reality, I ask myself a question: will I have courage one day to do the same?

  • I just wrote a post about Starbucks a few days ago, and in the comment section we talked about the appeal of it. It’s interesting to read the other perspective here in this post.
    It made me feel special when I went in the first time.
    The 2nd time it didn’t.
    I’m curious how is that place different for you than any other cafe?

    • Hi Goldie! I read your post and I was shocked. It’s good to get awareness of something we’ve never been thinking about. Thank you for starting this discussion!

      When it comes to your question, basically I hate Starbucks for many things, coffee in particular for being shitty and overpriced, but the area for clients is designed in the way which gets me inspired. I come up with plenty of ideas there and I find my motivation there if I lack it for while.

      On the other hand, I love coffee from Costa Coffee, but the place does not influence my creativity so much as Starbucks.

      It’s a very subjective feeling.

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