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I don’t care that no one cares.

I don’t care that no one cares.

Could you make your dreams come true even if no one believes you can? What if the people you love don’t support you in what you are doing? What if you have to fight for your dreams alone?

After a lecture of this article (here), I asked myself if I could do something without being supported. And I realized I could. And I can. And this is something I actually do. I’m not feeling particularly supported by anyone when it comes to realizing my dreams. This is just my stuff. This is something I do alone. This is a small part of my own world.

Keep trying.

And maybe that’s one of the reasons which motivates me to keep trying. Having something only for myself. Having something I can do on my own strengthens me to overcome the obstacles.

Obviously, sometimes I’m pissed off when I have to go through a struggle totally alone. Sometimes I think it would much easier to have someone on my side who understands what I do. Sometimes I feel like giving up.

Do you give up when no one cares?

I don’t want to give up. I want to do f for myself. Not all the time trying to make people happy. Not all the time worrying if they are happy with me. Not all the time trying to make them love me.

Life is not about having everything easily. Life is about getting what we dream about. And most of the fight we have to go through alone.

3 thoughts on “I don’t care that no one cares.”

  • 1. Do you have a follow button somewhere? I would like your posts to pop up in my WP feeder.
    2. This post rang so true to me. I totally feel your pain. Because it really does hurt when your loved ones don’t support you? The same people you stand behind? It is heartbreaking.
    However, I definitely CAN! And I’m glad you can, as well! GO YOU!

    • Hi! Thank you for your feedback! This option is available in WP Reader 🙂 Thank you as well for all you’ve written. The thing is that sometimes our loved ones support us, but not the way we may need. Sometimes, they don’t know how to help us. Sometimes they just don’t want. They leave it to us as it is our thing. Nevertheless, at some point we need to fight for our dreams on our own. And at some point this lack of support may push us to do something despite everything. I believe we can 🙂

      • I had no idea about the WP reader follow option. Thanks for that. I don’t thin many people know about it, so I’ll be sure to share that.

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