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How did I survive the worst moments in my life?

How did I survive the worst moments in my life?

It happens regularly I feel like all crush upon my head. For a moment, I feel like it’s over. I feel like I’m totally broken. I feel like I lost everything.

I feel like crying.

I let myself cry a while to feel better.

And I stop.

I realize it’s not over. I realize this is just the next step. I realize I’m much stronger than I was a while ago.
The worst thing I could do is to self-pitying. The best thing I can do is to see a different perspective. All that happens is for a purpose. The most painful experiences lead us to the most beautiful places.

What helps me to survive the worst moments in my life is to know I’m not dependent on one situation. I’m not dependent on one person. I’m not dependent on one life scenario.

I have a choice.

Crying, self-pitying and blaming don’t solve my problems. They just deepen them. I need to find a message life is sending us. And this message is nothing, but about me. The message isn’t about other people. About what they do, what they don’t, what they could. The message is about what I do, what I don’t and what I could. Receiving this message, that’s the only way to get out of that mess.

The message for me today is that I should be firm in what I want. In what is important for me. In what matters for me.

Life is not about pleasing others all the time.

Life is about making most of it first for myself which I could after sharing with others. I put myself too far on the list. I give up on what I need to be fully happy. I fear of rejection. I align my life with what others expect from me. I let them make decisions about my life. I empower them to choose how should my life look like. I let them blame on me for all that isn’t going well. I let them tell me it’s all my fault. I let them get rid of responsibility for all failures.

I’m grateful for this message. It will change my approach. It will let me think more about myself. It will let me be more myself.

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