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How to live with people we don’t like?

How to live with people we don’t like?

We all have people in our life we want to avoid. We want to keep them away from us. We want to have the less contact possible with. Somehow it might happen we live close to them. We work with them. We pass them every day. How to stand it though?

What people I don’t like?

I have some people around making me want them to leave my life. I feel like I don’t want to see them anymore. I feel like I’d like them to disappear.

I have some people around making me fed up with their negative thoughts. I feel like they don’t bring any value into my life. I want them to stop draining my energy.

I have some people around trying to make me feel guilty I want to live differently. They try to convince me there’s just one right way to do something. Trying to make me believe I should do something just because all people do it.

One day I realized maybe these negative people and these bad emotions connected to them are in my life for a purpose. Maybe they are in my life to push me to change something. To push my resistance. To push my fear. Because I cannot hide from them all my life. I cannot avoid them all my life. I cannot run away from them all my life even if I have a good reason to do so.

Maybe they will not leave my life until I don’t take a lesson which is meant to change me.

To make me stronger. To make me understand the truth. Maybe there are in my life to break something in me. To push me into a direction I wouldn’t go without them.

It’s not only good things which change our life. It’s mostly difficult experiences which change us the most.

I decided to fight my resistance over. I decided I cannot live running away all the time. Hiding. Looking for escape gates.

I need to hear the message they have for me.

Not in what they do. Not in what they say. Not in the way they behave. The messages lie in my reactions. In my interpretations. In my feelings.

How to live with people we don’t like?

We don’t have to live with them. We need to figure out what does their presence want to teach us about ourselves. We need to take time and see what is behind it. They’re just for a while to make us move further. If we don’t move, then they may stay with us forever.

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