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How to escape the reality?

How to escape the reality?

We all have a place we escape to when everything goes down in our life. My place was always an old-fashion kitchen at my grandma’s place.

I loved to sit by the stove, look at the fire and keep silence for a while. It’s been helping me make my mind right. To sort out my thoughts. To filter out my feelings.

I believe it’s not a coincidence our best escapes are the ones we were used to have in the childhood. Today, it’s more difficult than ever to escape. We’re surrounded by smartfons, tablets, social media. We don’t move without them. We don’t live without them. We are caught in a trap of technology.

My very small escape today is reading a good book. Watching an old movie. Going for a long walk with my baby. Having a glass of wine in the evening. Having a hot shower. Making few yoga positions. Sitting in an empty church for a while to experience the pure silence.

I miss my grandma’s place.

What’s yours?


16 thoughts on “How to escape the reality?”

      • That’s quite interesting. Usually, I hear people escape TO a mobile home. But I’m guessing the close quarters can make you feel claustrophobic at times.

            • Hahaha not at all! But it could be really funny and definiely would help to escape the reality! Could you do it? 🙂

              • That’s a good question. Some RVs are really expensive, though. I wouldn’t want to have to be looking out for special parking everywhere. Worrying about heat/ A/C could get to me, too. And the lack of storage space. Ok, I probably would NOT be able to do it.

                • Me neither I think 🙂 I barely manage to organize my life at home so it could be challenging to di it in much smaller RV!

        • But to be honest paradoxically I feel more free when I walk than when I drive my car.

          • I like driving. Because I can speed and get to further places (running away). However, I have to agree with you – I enjoy walking more, too. That way you don’t have to worry about traffic, etc.

            • I like walking as I don’t have to rush anywhere. I can enjoy the landscape, the people I pass by, I can stop in a nice coffee shop for a while. It gives me a wonderful feeling of being totally free. What are you favorite places you drive to when you’re fed up?

              • That’s how I feel about walking, too. I went on a bike ride yesterday, and thought it was a happy medium between walking and driving. However, I realized that you do have to worry about “parking” your bike (i.e. locking it), and that isn’t always convenient.
                I drive to large parks/ forests, or near a body of water. Then I get out and enjoy a bit of a walk/ sit.

                • This is what I would need! A good bike I could go for a longer ride with! That would definitely help my health and good shape as I spend too much time sitting in the office.

  • This is sweet!
    My mama’s kitchen is also a place to escape reality. But a good book or series have the same effect!

    • I cannot deny it! What’s your favourite book or series helping you to escape the reality? 🙂

      • My favorite book is the “age of consent” by Hannah Green. But generally I really enjoy Crime scene / thrillers 😉
        So I don’t really escape in the “unicorns & rainbox” world, haha.

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