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How did I learn to enjoy the moment?

How did I learn to enjoy the moment?

A few years ago I was obsessed with taking photos whenever I was going on holidays. I wanted to photograph everything around me as well as myself with everything. I wanted everybody to see all I saw. I wanted to update every moment on social media. I was feeling the urge to show people my life was interesting enough to follow it.

On the other hand, it was tiring to check out every minute how many people liked my pictures instead of enjoying the moment. I was getting really annoyed.

One day I realized I didn’t even have time to watch all these photos. I was storing them but didn’t feel like watching them again. So what was the point?

No social media.

Everything changed when I deactivated my private social media accounts. Systematically, I was taking fewer pictures. I didn’t feel any more like holding every moment on my camera.

It came to my consciousness that I was losing much more of true experience when I was trying to photograph all around. When I stopped doing this, I started to enjoy all that surrounded me. I was paying more attention to architecture, buildings, landscapes. To people who were passing me. To small details, I was not seeing before.

My perspective changed.

I realized I didn’t need to show off. Prove anything. Boast at anything. I could be myself. I could enjoy the moment.

How to enjoy the moment?

We can enjoy the moment when we stop thinking about pleasing others and we focus on catching what is precious for us. When we stop thinking about what to show other people and we focus on what we want to see.

We have just one chance to live our life.

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