Lifestyle: What You Should Know About The Art Of The Comeback

Lifestyle: What You Should Know About The Art Of The Comeback

This post will not be about romantic reconciliations. It will not be about forgiving. This post will be about people who come back in big flesh lights. Who want to prove: “You won’t crush me!”.

As you can guess the title of this post recalls Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Comeback. While I’m not particularly fascinated by this book, the idea of comeback feels close to my heart. My life is a series of small and big comebacks. Partially, it’s because of an inability to be consistent with initiated endeavors about what I wrote a post How do I keep myself disciplined. Partially, it’s because of some major life events which make me postpone my projects.

Blogging is also a series of small and big comebacks for me. Some of you might know that this is not my first blog. Thinking back, I started and after some time I quit a few of them. Holding an old blog was like carrying old baggage with me. And I needed a new beginning whenever a new chapter opened in my life. It was a kind of catharsis.

This time, it’s different. I feel that this space is an integral part of myself. I feel like I’ve found myself. I feel like I’ve reached a point that I don’t want to abandon anymore. Even though, it’s merely a starting point into something bigger. This time, my comeback was not an easy one. I had a lot of doubts. I wasn’t sure if I should invest my time into something which might not bring any spectacular results. I didn’t have any significant support to get more confident in this matter. I had to do it all by myself.

Today, I’m happy I’ve withstood and decided to stay here. I can’t imagine living without this wonderful space of expression. All the shortcomings I’ve experienced were a matter of changing some ineffective habits and finding a reason to continue. Today, I see that despite I had to start all by myself, I’m not doing it alone. Your presence and involvement give me a great purpose of keeping up with what I do.

One of my other areas of comebacks was a regular posting on this blog. At the beginning of January, I’ve announced the official schedule of my posts. You can read about it here: Never give up on what’s important for you. Whereas January’s schedule went quite smoothly, the February’s one was already a struggle to stick to planned dates of publication. Fortunately, each one of the scheduled posts, this one included, saw the daylight, but it was not without a small delay. Nevertheless, knowing my issues with self-discipline, I’m glad there’s already a positive change.

Coming back to the core of this post, Donald Trump is not the only example of a man who made a big comeback. There are several celebrities who came back after huge public incidents or terrible scandals. In their case, the comeback didn’t belong to the easiest things either. You know very well that some people never come back. Winona Ryder, Eminem, Demi Lovato, Tiger Woods, Robert Downey Jr., Ellen Degeneres and many more overcame setbacks and came back in full bloom.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same. Especially if you’re not under fire of press and other critics commenting on every single step you take. It already gives you a more comfortable restart. Do you want to come back to the game? Read below key points.

1. Revise the direction to follow

Your comeback doesn’t need to go in the same direction as it did previously. If something didn’t work last time, it might be a good opportunity to change the strategy. Moreover, maybe some of your goals are not valid anymore. Maybe you need new goals. Every comeback should go with a well-thought plan. Even though you don’t feel like changing anything in your approach or your goals, it might be worth reinforcing some actions to ensure that this time everything will go well. Set your priorities to see clearly the target point.

As far as I’m concerned, in most cases, I change the scenario of my actions as a new direction fuels up my motivation. It gives me a new vision. A new energy. If I failed before, it’s a good time to figure out what I can do better. I also try to evaluate if there’s anything that can weigh me down and what measures I can adopt to prevent them.

2. List short term goals

This one I set in motion relatively not so long ago. In spite of knowing the value of writing down the short term goals, I was unwillingly doing it. The reason is that I didn’t like to feel accountable for accomplishing them. They’ve been creating a sort of pressure which was increasing the resistance toward them. Seeing a sticky note on my desk with my short term goals, I’ve been hiding it under a pile of other documents. Having written them down in a notebook, I haven’t been opening its cover.

Today, I know that without short term goals it’s unlikely I move anywhere. I need them to raise a sail on my boat. To set properly my compass. It’s not required to formulate numerous and extensive goals. You may define just one or two under the condition they’ll truly serve you and will get you closer to where you want to be. This is their purpose. To push you out from where you’re currently standing at. That’s why they need to be short, concise and precise. Realistic, achievable and measurable. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Taking the first step and completing a first short term goal will make you take the wind in your sail.

3. Monitor the progress

If you don’t track your small achievements, you may not know how far you’ve already come. This is one of the most common pitfalls. That was also my case. At the end of each week, I’ve been feeling like time slipped through my fingers. It’s only when I started to register my weekly successes, I realized that my week was productive. We have a tendency to diminish the value of our accomplishments if they’re not spectacular. Let yourself take baby steps and enjoy them. Your comeback will not happen overnight. Give yourself time to celebrate minor victories. They’re more powerful than you can imagine.

The clue is the frequency. Small attainments enable you to celebrate more often than it’s the case with big achievements. Sustaining the dynamic spirit leads you far enough to reach the next touch point. The most satisfying games are based on the possibility to gain points in a relatively short period of time. If that period gets overly extended, the goal starts to seem unachievable. Make it realistic. Accumulating the relevant number of points with simple games increases your confidence in winning big battles.

Thank you for reading this post! If you feel like it may help someone, please share it. I will be very happy to have your feedback and hear from you!

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16 thoughts on “Lifestyle: What You Should Know About The Art Of The Comeback”

  • I am glad to see that you came back.
    This journey is not without struggles, but kudos to you for persevering. My non-blog related writing was at an ultimate high in January and so were my workouts. My blogging was alright, but not at goal. In February, things slowed down. My knee wasn’t cooperating and I had to take a break, only now recovering and getting back in SLOWLY. My other writing has slowed down, too. I went from about 5k a week to 1k. Disappointing. I shall pick back up in March. Hopefully. I have met all my blogging goals this month, though. So far. There should be one more post on Friday to make it 100% completion. I have to admit that this week was rough for me for blogging. I was about to give up on Monday’s post but then I saw an email from someone saying they look forward to it. So I wrote it. Then, I was considering not doing HW, but I thought of you. Thank you for keeping me accountable 🙂
    Here’s to a fabulous March and exceeding our goals.

    • Thank you for your constant support, Goldie! It matters a lot to me and you’re a great source of motivation. It’s true that every journey is not without struggles. If it went without struggles, we would learn nothing.

      The last two months are great lessons for me. I’m even surprised that I persevered in my efforts. Usually, after such a period of time, I was already giving up. But this time is different. I don’t feel like I’m going alone through this journey. It’s much easier to win if you have a support team. This is something I’m particularly grateful for.

      I realized that starting from January your blogging took another form. You’ve been posting less frequently so it was a sign that you’ve been working on other stuff. At some point, I’ve been wondering if everything was fine in your private life and I was one step away from sending you an email. It turns out I was right considering issues with your knee. I hope that things are getting better for you!

      When it comes to your writing I really missed having your posts published more often. But I totally understand that there are some periods in our life when we need to slow down and this is a healthy approach. Your well-being is much more important. I simply started to read your older posts 🙂

      I feel honored that you thought about me when writing HW and I must say that I read both posts with a great pleasure! I’m sure that March will a fabulous month for both of us! No doubts we’ll do our best to make it happen!

      • I’m happy to hear that you would check up on me if you felt like something was off for a while. I appreciate it.

        There’s a lot going on, but it’s a new month, so let’s start anew!

        Stay golden and have a great rest of the week!

      • Of course, that’s normal! I must say that every longer break in your writing is noticeable. This is something I would really miss in my weekly routine as well as your e-presence which brings a lot of good energy. Happy to have you back in top form! Let’s make this month spectacular! Enjoy the rest of your week too 🙂

  • Inspiring read. Life is indeed a series of comebacks, so huge , others so subtle we hardly notice them, but in all, gives us that everyday hope & motivation to live each day the best we know how. As for writing , been happy reading more lately & sharing comments .

    • Thank you so much for your comment and I’m really happy to have you here! Comebacks are a meaningful topic for me since I used to experience them with a high frequency mostly in the area of my personal development. What do you think, though, about comebacks in our relationships? Do you believe they work?

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