Lifestory: Find best friends without leaving your place

Lifestory: Find best friends without leaving your place

Other days, finding friends and maintaining friendships was a pretty easy undertaking. We’ve been not sitting over a cup of coffee staring at a smartphone. We’ve been sharing with people undivided attention. We’ve been giving them full time. Today, many of us don’t make friends, because we don’t have time for it. We put forward other priorities.

There are numerous reasons why we stop taking care of friendships. The most frequent ones are:

  • work
  • frequent travels
  • moving abroad
  • new lifestyle
  • children
  • tiredness
  • laziness

They’re not the ultimate reasons for giving up friendships or not making new ones, but definitely, they influence our engagement in the whole process as such. Not mentioning that the culture doesn’t support it either. Even such an inconspicuous thing like going to big malls instead of small local shops discourage getting to know better people who live around. Many of us don’t know our neighbors. We live close by, but too far in order to know how they’re doing.

It’s the same for me. I don’t know my neighbors. And I’m not particularly keen on getting to know them. I’m doing fine without them being a part of my life. Maybe because they don’t seem to live a life or have a personality which would be attracting for me. I like to get inspired by people, not just listen to their complaints. Does it mean I should force myself to get any kind of connection with them to keep the appearance of being sociable? I don’t feel it this way. I’m OK with the idea of having my private corner even if it means living on the sidelines.

Was it easier before to make friendships?

For sure times were different and habits were different. Most of the people were taking time to get to know each other, talking live, finding time to help each other, spending together all free time. They’ve been creating communities that were enabling them to stay in touch on a regular basis. Today, we work long hours, we stay at home during the weekends, we spend free time in front of a screen. We don’t feel like making any effort to accommodate new people into the established scheme.

While we could penalize a new lifestyle many people adopted, it turned out to bring benefits as well. Despite we lose some friendships in real life, all technological achievements opened wonderful opportunities to meet/e-meet incredible people from the whole world without leaving our place. Even if you lack inspiring people in your environment, you can connect with anyone around the globe to share your experiences, worries, doubts, dreams, stories. You can create new friendships with people who understand you, who went through the same challenges, we overcame the same difficulties.

We all know that not all the places in the internet facilitate forming valuable relationships. That’s why it’s important to select carefully the right spaces to get in touch with the right people. There’s plenty of applications that enable people to chat about anything and everything. However, what matters for me personally is to get something more. I adore having a possibility to learn something new, to engage in discussions over a specific topic that interests me, to get a new perspective.

That’s why today I would like to share with you my 3 most preferred networks to find like-minded friends. I believe these places are the most rewarding in terms of value vs time. They help to enrich not only your social life but also your knowledge, your point of view and your awareness.

1. Facebook groups

This channel of communication is extremely effective when you join a smaller community. The reason is simple: the smaller group, the smaller crowd, the more chance to become noticed. What’s more, Facebook groups encourage to search for niche interest groups. That’s a perfect opportunity to get some new friends with whom you can develop new skills, change your vision and who can support you in your new ventures.

2. Forum

My favorite forum is Quora. This channel helped me to go through numerous challenges when I needed to share my concerns or worries with people who really understood. I’ve found there a lot of bright and smart people who not only supported me in finding the best way to tackle my struggles, but also took their time to share their stories related to my issues. That was an amazing experience to link with people from any country in this world and to feel that there are no limits anymore. Time, distance, language are not barriers anymore.

3. Blog

The best place where I really feel like at home is my blog. People who regularly visit my page, read my posts and speak their mind are an invaluable source of encouragement. I cannot imagine leaving this network forever knowing how many great people I would lose contact with. I believe that would leave a pretty big hole in my life. These people cheering me up on my way are one of the best gift I’ve got in my life.

I must say that I don’t discard making friends in real life as without them my existence would be quite sad and lonely. I like meeting them from time to time face to face over a cup of coffee, without staring at my smartphone, not looking at my watch every 5 min. But I’m happy as well to have a chance to create and maintain powerful relationships with people online without leaving my place. I’m blessed that I can count on them in case I need a kick to keep going. I hope I’ll be able to return all good I’ve received from them.

Thank you for reading this post! It was a great pleasure to write it for you. If you enjoyed the post, I will be very happy if you like it, comment on it or share it. Your support means a lot to me.

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8 thoughts on “Lifestory: Find best friends without leaving your place”

  • Great post.

    Making friends… The reason why I enjoy doing so online is because most often you skip the small talk and get right into the good stuff. While you only get to see the person in a way they choose to present themselves, but if they are honest, you can get to know them on a deeper level pretty quickly. There is no pressure and so you can just walk away whenever you need to. You don’t feel like responding to comments, don’t. You don’t feel like responding to “How are you” in real life? Well, you have to, or else…

    Multiple people have mentioned Quora to me as of late. I used to browse all sorts of forums back in my day, but I would end up either getting bored or banned for offending someone. So I’ve taken a break. The blog has filled that void nicely.

    I’m so happy to have met you and others that I interact with regularly.

    My partner recently befriended one of our neighbors. Now I have to smile and do a bit of small talk when I pass by them. So much work… But like you said – I don’t necessarily feel like our lives are compatible. I’m all about meaningful connections. I don’t need to have a million “friends.” I just want a couple of people who are just THE BEST.

    • You’ve perfectly hit the core of the topic! This is what I particularly appreciate about online interactions: you get straight to the point. You focus on what’s important. You don’t have to play small talks and maintain appearances either. You can be totally vulnerable to who you are. Obviously, there might be people who’ll criticize you, but mostly you meet people who support you regardless of what you’re going through. As you’ve rightly said: you’re not obliged to anything. You’re free to go whenever to feel like.

      When it comes to Quora, what I particularly like about this platform is that you can easily search for answers to any question that interests you. Quora is different than the usual forums. I’ve noticed that the quality of conversation is on a very high level and you can get insightful replies to your questions based on a great knowledge of the subject. I’ve met there a lot of smart people who gave a deeper understanding related to issues I’ve been struggling with.

      I smiled when you said about having to do a bit of small talk with your neighbor. I can imagine how bothersome it might be when you do something unwillingly. I tend to smile and say “Good morning”, but without any additional small talk if no necessary. Fortunately, all my neighbors seem quite busy so our greetings go easy.

      I’m also extremely happy and grateful that I met you and other people who make my life better. You’re the best motivation to keep going. I must admit that it’s difficult for me to ask for help and I used being a rather lonely online island, but I’m lucky to get inspired by such people like you.

      I’ve been thinking for a long time that I’d love to give as much as I receive. To make sure that good energy circulates in the online world. I’d like to create a special space on my page where I could share with people more content. That’ll be my goal for this year!

      • Woohoo! Sounds great!
        I’ve been toying with the idea of “giving back” a little myself. I thought I’d take January to figure it out… and… I’m almost out of January already! Where did all the time go???

      • I’m asking myself the same question when I think about all I’ve planned for January! The only thing I sticked to was a schedule plan, but with a few small adjustments. I’ve already published a first free course and I hope I’ll manage to upgrade it soon. Let me know what do you think about it!

      • First of all, I’d consider changing the name in your menu bar from “Course” to… something more informational. Even “Life courses” or “Courses on Life” might be more descriptive. You want the visitor to your site to click on that. If they don’t know what it is, they might not.

        Second of all, was it you who wrote all that in the presentation? I think it’s super uplifting. However, you might want to re-read it. I think there might be some errors in there. It might benefit from a proofread.

        I went through the whole presentation and I think that is an amazing idea, Mimi! It’s a rather quick read, but there is so much value in that. I like how you share your experience and SHOW how to improve things. Inspirational. Well done.

      • Thank you so much for your feedback, Goldi! I’ll definitely reconsider to change the name in the menu bar and I’ll re-read the content once again. Yes, I wrote the presentation all by myself. This is the first version, I plan to rebuild and change it to a more diversified content. If you have any other remarks you’re very welcome! Your support matters a lot to me!

      • *breaths a sigh of relief*
        I was really worried about sharing my constructive criticism. I didn’t want to discourage you.
        I just checked out your Home Page and I think you hit it out of the park with the main image. You’re tweaking your page and it getting better and better. I had no idea there was any room for improvement. I always thought your design was flawless.

      • You shouldn’t be worried about sharing constructive criticism. You do it very well and it’s encouraging! I always appreciate your feedback. The fact that you took your time to review the presentation and to share your remarks means a lot to me. It’s good to see something through someone’s else eyes.

        When it comes to the design of the home page I like it very much, but I feel like there’s still a few things to improve. Nevertheless, thank you for your kind words! It’s great to hear it 🙂

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