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3 simple tips on how you can quickly change your life.

3 simple tips on how you can quickly change your life.

We fear life changes because we fear to lose what is already known. What if something which is known makes us unhappy?

I’m fed up with my work. I can’t do it anymore.

– Why don’t you change it?

– I’m scared I wouldn’t manage to learn all new stuff from scratch.

You would. It’s just a matter of time.

Actually, I like my current job. It’s not so bad after all.

It’s like with my dad who doesn’t seem to like the idea of moving through the whole country to live closer to us.

– I built this house with my hands. How can I leave it? I was born here and I know all the people around. How do you imagine me living in a new place and not knowing anyone?

I’m used saying to my husband:

– It does not matter where we live. It matters we’re together. If we have to move out somewhere, I’m ready to pack our bags from one day to another.

Home is not a building.

Home is where our loved ones are. We can build a home wherever we go. It doesn’t have to be the same place all life long.

Sometimes we need to leave in order to find.

I completely understand people who fear the change because we all fear it somehow. What I don’t understand is that people don’t take an opportunity to change when they’re purely unhappy with their life. They’re used to see change as something threatening their comfort zone. Even if the comfort zone destroys them.

How to take risk of life change?

1. Look for people who changed their lives and succeeded.

2 Think about benefits.

3. Remember: change heals.

I believe our happiness is just about setting relevant priorities.

Once we set them, we’re not afraid of change anymore. Change is just the result of our decisions.

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