Life Story: Why 100 Posts Is An Important Milestone In My Life

Life Story: Why 100 Posts Is An Important Milestone In My Life

100 posts in 18 months. If we look at the average, it doesn’t seem exciting. 5.5 posts per month. But the numbers don’t always reflect reality. The reality is often far different from what we see at first glance.

We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.

Last 18 months, it was a challenging time for me. I was one step from giving up on writing for the rest of my life. I was one step from abandoning my dreams. I was one step from losing all the confidence in myself. All because of a few big mistakes I made while trying to overcome frustration with what was going on around me.

I was really mad at myself that I didn’t foresee the consequences of my actions before the worst happened. My attitude was so short-sighted that I didn’t realize on time that I could hurt so deeply several people with my words. After all, it was too late to explain that my intentions were completely different.

I had to accept a very bitter lesson that came and draw the conclusions. I had to learn to be very careful with all I do and all I say. In order to deal with my pain I started this blog as a healing therapy for myself and as a place where other people could also find a safe haven for themselves.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


The last 18 months was a time of a great struggle to stay afloat. I’ve been experiencing alternately moments of doubt and moments of hope. I had to strike the balance and find peace within myself. There were some people who’ve been supporting me during that time, but the hardest work was meant to be done by myself.

My blog was perfectly reflecting those moments. It was clearly visible when I was going through my ups and downs. There were times of longer breaks and there were times of frequent posting. I’ve been missing a stabilization.

100 posts milestone will soon hit another milestone: 100 followers. You might say: “100 is nothing yet to be proud of”. But believe me that for me it’s a great reason to be proud of. I’m proud because these 100 posts mean that I didn’t give up. I’m proud because almost 100 followers mean that what I do has a sense. 100 became a lucky number for me.

You have the power to say: “This is not how my story will end”.

This place made me live again. This place made me believe again. This place gave me hope that nothing is lost forever. This place strengthened me to do whatever it takes to fight for a better future. Even if the healing process is still in place, I feel more empowered than ever to do things I’ve always dreamt about.

100 posts – that’s the time I needed to recover and get back on my feet. Thanks to following a posting schedule, I learn to be consistent not only with my writing but also with my personal development. I keep enhancing the crucial areas of my life. I give myself more credit. I’m grateful for giving my life a new flavor.

Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey!

Thank you for reading this post! If you feel like it may help someone, please share it. I will be very happy to have your feedback and hear from you!

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Thank you for being here,


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28 thoughts on “Life Story: Why 100 Posts Is An Important Milestone In My Life”

  • 100 is plenty to be proud of… yay you for continuing on and getting here today…. be proud for it IS an accomplishment…
    Love, light, and glitter

      • In blogging?? I don’t keep track for it’s not about the numbers but who really engages. If you have 100 followers and engage with 50 you’ve a bigger blogging community than if you have a thousand and engage with 30.

      • That’s definitely true and I entirely sign under it. What about personal life? Do you keep track of any milestones? Do you think it’s important?

      • I don’t really keep track. I find that there is a balance between obsessing about milestones and living and growing. Like I used to count days of sobriety. Then just began living.

      • It makes sense what you said. Living for the numbers is quite risky. Especially if the numbers aren’t always on the gradual increase or decrease. Then, being happy for the simple sake of living doesn’t become obvious.

        If you managed to hit the point when numbers don’t matter so much anymore, this is when you know you got it. This is the greatest success of all. Happy for you to have got to that point!

  • Hi Mimi,

    Congrats on your 100th post. I so agree with you, you should be so proud of how far you’ve come! I hope you keep writing & don’t ever give up on your writing dreams no matter what. I relate with you that sometimes we have our low points in life that just seem to take all our hope away, but it’s temporary! I firmly believe there’s always a rainbow after the storms of life.

    With hope,

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’ll do my best to continue writing and giving as much high-quality content as possible. You know, it’s like when someone greatly helped you, you feel like you’d love to pay it off somehow.

      This is also how I feel today when I realize that I’m not blogging only for myself. I’ve got a gratitude debt toward people who trusted me. Thus, giving up is an option anymore.

      You’re absolutely right that low points in our life should be always seen as temporary, not as definitive ones. My rainbow has already come.

      What about you? How did your low points strengthen your life?

      • You’re welcome, Mimi πŸ™‚

        Yes, for sure keep writing! I so agree with you, overtime, the blog becomes a space you share with readers, one where you keep in mind what value you could bring to readers’ lives with your words, your voice, your experiences, & your stories.

        That’s a great question. The latest lesson I was learning was how to have better boundaries with work & home life. How to take care of myself better, so that the stress/workload didn’t take over. That helped me strengthen self care & also put boundaries on stopping taking work home.

        Other low points in my life have taught me to love myself more, others to face what’s out of my comfort zone.

        Thank you for asking!

      • It’s so important what you said about the value we bring to the readers’ lives. We often believe that the world turns only around us, our feelings, our dramas while there’s a great number of people who go through the same.

        I believe that creating communities to support each other and share powerful life stories is one of the most essential things we can do in our life. I truly hope that we can influence this world positively even with such simple things as writing a blog.

        Sharing my story has incredibly helped me to heal from painful feelings and challenging situations. If anybody finds anything in my writing that helps to heal, recover or simply live better, I would one of the happiest person on this Earth πŸ™‚

        I’m wondering how did you manage to set the boundaries between your professional and private life? I’d love to hear from you!

      • Yes, so true that around the world some people are also going through the same. I agree with you that words are so powerful & it’s beautiful to be able to make a positive difference in the world through words & stories. πŸ™‚

        Great question! For one, we have a work laptop which I stopped brining home, after work I started to focus more on the activities that would help me wind down like taking a nap, practicing yoga, blogging/writing makes me happy, so I tried to incorporate time for it, if I wasn’t too tired. (With Covid-19, though, the work situation looks different now since we’re working from home, & in a way it’s been less tiring).

      • Since I read a lot of books, words always seemed powerful for me especially when it comes to boosting my motivation. I know that some people are not keen on reading and they measure the positive difference by deeds. But sometimes you can share much more feelings in written words than in anything else.

        I also find leaving work laptop in the office as the best method to stop working at home. I remember that whenever I was taking my laptop home, I was tempted to open it “just for a while”. Eventually, I’ve been finding myself working for a few hours.

        Are you managing to find a balance between your work and private life when working from home every day due to COVID-19?

      • That’s so true how not everyone is keen on reading, but how the written words are there for us who are πŸ™‚ I so relate with you on how working for a while turns into hours. I am finding balance, but I have to admit working from home requires so much more discipline.

      • No doubt, there’s a great number of distractions involved when working from home. What’s the biggest distractor for you and how do you deal with it?

      • I feel overwhelmed with how much needs to get done, and I don’t have an idea if my pace is right or not, like if I’m falling behind. Simplifying the to-do list has been helping me, & having a checklist of the most important things that need to get done.

      • I’ve been there. Never-ending to-do lists, bigger and smaller projects which wait for months as we’re overloaded with “fire fightings”, not really sure if we do well or not.

        Indeed, prioritizing is key. But is it always wise? Do we prioritize tasks according to their real importance or to what’s easier to be done at this moment?

        I often get a feeling that the more I work with checklists, the more I hate them. They stress us out and limit our ability to approach things in a constructive manner. Do you think that checklists are the most effective method to get things done?

      • that’s an interesting thought. hadn’t though about that: what’s easier to get done or what has real importance.

        I totally feel you on hating checklists…especially when the same things keep getting transferred to new ones πŸ™‚

        at work, they do help me to not forget what I need to do, I also like to add questions that I need to ask during meetings. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I’m a bit more realistic about checklists in that I write the things that have deadlines or are absolute requirements. I tend to highlight the things that are due the soonest. I don’t know that’s it the most effective method for my personal life though because I feel like I still procrastinate

      • Procrastination is a terrible thing. I know I have to do something urgently, but I go to watch a movie instead. That’s a real nightmare.

        I also used to write down my professional tasks on my checklist, but recently what I try out in my personal life is to prioritize things that are meaningful for me. Then, I never forget about what has to be done as it’s always in my mind.

        When it comes to less important but still urgent things, I keep writing them down, but I’ve noticed that I check them out reluctantly. They feel like a punishment. It works much better when I give them importance and I explain to myself what will it bring benefit if I do it now. Even if a single benefit is to feel peace at the end of the day.

      • I see how organizing by meaningfulness & reminding yourself of the benefits and importance is helpful. And so true on how checking items off helps one feel peace at the end of the day. Do you ever find yourself putting off the simple things that once you get them done, you’re like why didn’t I do this sooner? This happens to me sometimes πŸ™‚

      • It does happen to me as well πŸ™‚ It’s hard to explain why we overestimate the time and energy required for completing simple things. Maybe, it’s because we believe we can do them anytime since they’re simple and we don’t realize how much they accumulate making it more complicated to deal with them.

        For over a week I keep a couple of bags with my baby’s toys in a visible place so that I can refresh them. I know it won’t take much time to clean them, but for an unknown reason, I still postpone doing it. This is just one example. I need to learn to do things immediately without thinking whether I feel like doing them or not.

      • Yes, I so totally agree with you on overestimating our time & energy. You gave a perfect example. Have you heard of Mel Robbin’s 5 second rule? (Basically counting from 5, and completing the task as soon as you count down) That has sometimes helped get stuff done πŸ™‚

      • I didn’t hear about that rule, but it sounds interesting. I’ll definitely try it out and will let you know how it worked! Thank you for sharing!

  • Well done Mimi. I’m happy and proud of you. The work that you’re doing is great. Never forget that and don’t give you. The world most definitely needs to keep reading your work. Your such a great and impactful writer. One of the most amazing I’ve been privileged to find on this great platform. Cheers to more, you’re a step closer to greatnessπŸ₯‚. Hearty congrats on achieving this milestoneπŸ€—.

    • Dear Zizi, thank you so much for your hearty words! They mean a lot to me and make me feel exceptional! It’s a great privilege to have such wonderful supporters as you! It gives me more and more sense to what I’m doing and it encourages me to do better. I’ve never expected that I would be surrounded here by so many great people. Thank you so much for all and I truly appreciate your presence!

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